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first check the horn relay, if that dosent work your horn switch is probably stuck try checking it!

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Q: Horn is on all the time on 1993 ford aerostar?
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How many Ford Aerostar were produced in total?

The Ford Aerostar is a van that was produced from 1986 to 1997 by the Ford Motor Company. They produced 2,029,577 Aerostar vans in that time. This model was replaced by the Ford Windstar.

Horn wont work on 1994 ford aerostar checked horn good checked horn relay good checked horn button good but at the same time you have no cruise control and abs light flashes code 32?

Check the flat cable coil in steering wheel, it may have broken leeds.

Which relay under the hood on a 97 ford Aerostar controls horn and cruise control?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but if your horn and cruise control stopped working at the same time , it might be the clock-spring inside your steering wheel column cover . The clockspring allows a person to turn the steering wheel while still maintaining the electrical connections to your horn and cruise control buttons

I have a 1991 Ford Escort every time that I press on the horn from the steering wheel it blow the fuse. How can I fix it.?

Check the Horn wiring and if this is good then replace the horn.

My horn on my ford contour wont stop blowing when you put the new battery in it?

You may have the wires for your horn crossed with the battery wire. This would cause the horn to go off any time the battery is connected.

Will a 1993 Ford Cobra SVT engine fit in a 1994 Ford Tempo?

With enough time and money anything is possible.

Who invented horn?

The first automobile with a horn would have been put there by Henry Ford. Horns have been used for a very long time. I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific.

Did Ford enter into a settlement agreement in 2001 to include ignition switches on the 88 Aerostar and if so has the time limit to have it replaced or reimbursed expired at 70000 miles?

Take the unit to a Ford dealer and ask the service manager.

Why won't my 1993 Ford Escort start?

It either has no compression, no fuel or no spark at the right time.

Where is the horn on a 1993 Mazda B2200?

I have a 95 b2600 and I had a hard time trying to find the horn, but mine was located just behind the right headlight I think tucked away behind body supports and was bloody hard to get out

Replacement time for 1993 Ford E-250 van brake rotor?

How much time is required to replace a front break disc rotor on a '93 Ford E-250 van?

What is the firing order for a 1993 Ford Aerostar 3.0L?

cylinders front to rear left (drivers side) 4-5-6 right (pass.) 1-2-3 fire order 1-4-2-5-3-6 it has been some time but I think it is, 1,4,2,6,3,5. if not call the dealer or a shop they will have it in there book

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