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Horn location 1997 Ford Explorer?


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I believe the horn is mounted below the battery tray


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horn location for 2004 ford explorer

where is the horn located on a 1999 ford explorer?

I THINK the horn is mounted below the battery tray

I believe that is located below the battery tray

horn not working on 2003 ford explorer sport trac, just a clicking sound

1997 Ford Explorer xlt has a horn that just goes off without warning wheather the vehicle is running or not???

I believe the horn is mounted to the Explorer below the battery tray

where are the horn is location.

I believe the horn is mounted below the battery tray

The 2006 four Explorer factory horn is located on the right hand side of the radiator. The horn will be behind the front grill.

In the power distribution box in the engine compartment ( which is " live " ) Maxi-fuse # 11 is a 20 amp fuse for the horn and the PCM memory Also , relay # 2 , in the PD BOX is the horn relay

In front of the radiator. actually it is offset to the left. Horn location on my '97 XL is below the battery tray in front the inner fender liner.

Short in the wiring, horn switch defective, or horn relay going bad.

Replace the horn relay. It is defective. Another possibility is a defective horn switch, but highly unlikely.

It is inside the vehicle in the center of the seering wheel.

Possibly underneath the battery tray

your car horn is located inside your transmission

Defective horn, horn switch, or blown fuse. add to that a possble faulty clockspring in the steering column.

I believe that is located below the battery tray

I believe it is mounted underneath the battery tray

The inside horn location on a Ford F 150 is on the steering wheel. The horn motor is located under the hood in the engine compartment.

location of horn is under right front fender u need to remove plastic fender liner to get at it

On a 1999 Ford Explorer : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment near the brake fluid reservoir ( mini fuse # 10 is a 15 amp fuse for the horn relay ) * also , the # 7 relay is the horn relay

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