just how... please i need this

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he wrote 80 plays altogether

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The coat of arms of Jamaica is very unique and contains a number of elements. It has pineapples which is an indigenous fruit, a crocodile which is the indigenous reptile and Tainos on both sides which were the first inhabitants of the land and has a royal helmet and mantling which were accorded to them by Britain.

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The Portuguese equivalent of the English name 'Matthew' is Mateus. In Portuguese, it's pronounced as mah-TAY-oosh. The sound in the middle syllable is similar to that in the English word 'day'.

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the spanish parrot has a little known syndrome which causes the kerotine in its beak to go brittle. this then engenders within the parrot a desire to break its beak. if at this time you are stood anywhere near the spanish parrot it will simply rip your throat clean from your neck. instead wear a cravate which will act like a spanish matador and the parrot will dive but be fooled by the cravate in the same way a spanish bull is fooled by the matador. hence why it is called a spanish parrot. Emiritus professor of parrots

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