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What How

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when why

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Describe the coat of arms of Jamaica?

The coat of arms of Jamaica is very unique and contains a number of elements. It has pineapples which is an indigenous fruit, a crocodile which is the indigenous reptile and Tainos on both sides which were the first inhabitants of the land and has a royal helmet and mantling which were accorded to them by Britain.

Where was the explorer Vespucci born?

He was born in Florence, Italy.

What forms volcanoes?

Pressure builds up inside the volcano and sooner or later the pressure is released into the air along with molten lava and thick black smoke.

How much does it cost to run diagnostic on the check engine light?

I just had the folks were i got my oil changed hook the little hand-held device up as they were changing the oil. They did it for free. You can alos order the devices for yourself on Amazon and other places.

Details of the Virgina Plan?

Details of the Virginia Plan include that it was written by James Madison. This plan was drafted to create a bicameral legislative branch.

What is Sial?

Sial refers to the upper or continental material of the earth's crust

Electron configuration for O?

1s2 2s2 2p4

How can you use boycott in a sentence?

Martain Luther king Jr formed a 'Boycott' to fight for black civil rights, fight for justice, for their right to sit where ever they wished to on a bus. They succeded.

What explorer did the English King send on an expedition to the Indies to help England compete for land?

so they can get some goods and spices and be friends with the indies hope you like the answer

When did the First Punic War start?

In 264 BC.

If a mineral doesn't make a streak is it not a mineral?

Minerals with a hardness greater than around 7 on the Mohs hardness scale will not leave a streak on a standard unglazed porcelain streak plate. They will instead scratch and powder the streak plate.

What was President William Howard Taft favorite food?

his favorite food was roasted chicken covered in lard

What is salt rock?

Salt rock is the same as rock salt also known at grit it is used on roads when they are icy or when it has been snowing or has been cold! :)

What is a thematic summary?

A thematic summary is meant to give the concise idea behind an idea or narrative. Thematic summaries are often used in many forms of writing and speech.

What are some other models that might have changed over time as new discoveries were made?


What is the significance of the twelve tables in roman law?

The twelve tables were a lot like the 10 commandments!

Wouldn't it be cool if Red XIII appeared in FFXIII?

No. Ouch

How is a cell membrane put together?

A cell membrane is put together by kraunts.

Did Barack Obama go to jail?

No, the president did not go to jail (except perhaps to visit inmates when he was working as an advocate). The president has a distant uncle (on his father's side), Onyango Obama, who was arrested for drunk driving in a suburb of Boston and spent several weeks in jail; but the president himself has a clean record and has never served any prison time.

How much does it cost to stay at a hotel?

Depends on where you are, the time of year, and how nice it is. Some range from about 36.00 a day for a very cheap one to thousands a day for a expensive one. The average is about 80.00 to 200.00 for a moderate hotel.

What branch of government directs foreign policy?

Executive Branch

What is the total labor force in Canada?

Up to 2009: the total No. is about 27,750,712.

How many feet and inches in 568 inches?

47 feet 4 inches.

How much is a 1951 American five dollar bill worth?

Well I'd say that that would be worth ten dollars! I know this stuff because my dad works at the U.S. Mint. If you don't belive me, go there and ask if anyone with the last name of SONIworks there. The U.S. didn't print any bills of any denomination with the date 1951. In any case the Mint only makes coins. Bills are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which is entirely separate from the Mint.

John Breckenridge's view on slavery?

John Breckenridge strongly believed in slavery and fought long and hard to try and keep it, when that wasn't enough and Abraham Lincoln ruled, he gave up and hd to release his slaves.

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