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How's data stored in memory?

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What is the way data is stored in the Windows OS?

Data is stored on the hard disc. The more memory hard disc has the more data can be stored.

Where is data stored permanently?

In the computing world, permanent data is stored in ROM (Read Only Memory).

Where data can be stored?

Data can be stored on floppy disk, hard disk, memory stick, CD or DVD.

Where is data stored on a computer?

the data in a computer is stored in a device called the hard disk and its processed in the memory called random access memory(ram) by your processor.

What is memory and different types of memory?

MEMORYThe memory is in which the data is stored .the computer sotre different types of data i.e.user data & system data that it requires for acessing of the process of system and user needs.

Where is data saved permanently in the memory or storage or CPU?

The data is permanently stored in the ROM, read-only memory.

What is stored in cache memory?

data waiting to be processed

What does the computer term memory mean?

Where data can be stored.

When you enter data into a computer it is stored in the computer's?


What is normally stored in cache memory?

Cache memory normally stored instructions and data that the processor likely to use frequently.

During processing data is stored in which location in computer memory?

Processing of Data is usually done in the Random Access memory

Explain concept of electronic memory?


What kind of information is stored in computer memory?

Information (data) is only stored in a computer's memory using the volatile Random Access Memory (RAM) will the computer is running. Unless the data is saved to the hard drive, all the data on the RAM will be lost - hence the term - volatile memory.

What is data segment memory and code segment memory?

Code Segment, in which all the application code is stored Data Segment, that holds the global data

Is data stored in temporary memory and on a permanent device?


What kind of information is stored in a computer's memory?

Data and files

Where is computer data temporarily stored?

Read access memory

Is Pokemon data from an older Pokemon DS game stored onto the 3DS's internal memory?

No, Pokemon data is still stored on the game card itself, not on the internal memory of the 3DS.

What is the meaning of computer memory?

Computer memory is what data the computer can keep stored. A computer can return to your favorite web address because it is stored in it's memory for example.

Read only memory?

Memory hardware that allows fast access to permanently stored data but prevents addition to or modification of the data.

What is data storage in c plus plus?

Data storage has two meanings: data that is stored in working memory (RAM) and data that is stored in mass storage media (disk files, flash-drives, laser disc, tape, etc). In C++ and most other languages, data storage usually refers to working memory where data is stored in variables and constants. The type of the variable or constant determines the type of the datum stored in the memory allocated to the variable or constant.

Why do you use RAM in computer?

All of the data that is temporary is stored in random access memory. Incoming data and the solutions to calculations are stored in ram.

What is data in DBMS?

A data is known as the rowfact which is stored in computers memory and used by the user as the output

Before a computer can process data where must data be stored?

Random Access Memory (RAM)

What do you mean by data of types?

It specifies wat type of data is stored n memory occupied