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y si no quiero

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si verdadย 
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no esas enfadoso

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deja a aleย 

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dejen a ale y punto

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si verdad \

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your anser is popo

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Q: How a hurricane gets energy form warm ocean water?
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Related questions

Why storms such as hurricanesonly form over warm ocean?

Hurricanes get the energy they need from the moisture that evaporates from warm ocean water. Without this energy source a hurricane weakens and dissipates.

Will making ocean water from hot to cold prevent a hurricane?

A hurricane will not form over cold ocean water, that is why hurricanes rarely form in the winter; the ocean is usually too cold. However, you cannot simply cool ocean water like that. The amount of energy stored in the water making it warm is enormous, to great for us to ever hope to manipulate.

What is a dramatic form of energy transfers involving the energy of warm ocean waters?


Where and when do hurricane form?

Hurricanes form over the ocean and when the water and air is warm or hot.

Can a hurricane form on mountions?

No. Hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water.

What ocean temperature is necessary to provide the energy for hurricane information?

The temperature of the ocean must be 80 degrees or 26 celsius in order for a hurricane, typhoon or a cyclone form.

Does a hurricane start on water?

Yes. Hurricanes form over warm ocean water.

Does a hurricane or tornado spawn off the ocean?

Hurricanes can only develop over warm ocean water. Tornadoes can form on water but usually form on land.

How warm must the ocean be in order for a hurricane to form?

The water temperature to begin a hurricane is about 80 degrees F.

Why do hurricanes form over water?

Hurricanes form over warm water because it warms and moistens the air above it. This warm, moist ocean air is essentially the fuel of a hurricane. When a tropical disturbance, the precursor to a hurricane, lifts this air it cools and the moisture in it condenses, releasing enormous amounts of energy.

What kind of water does a hurricane devlop over?

Hurricanes form over warm ocean water.

Why would hurricane's winds get stronger when it reaches water?

Hurricanes actually form over water. Their energy comes from moisture that evaporates off warm ocean water. In fact they cannot form or last very long over land.

What do hurricanes typically form over?

Hurricane form over warm ocean water in or near the tropics.

Where do hurricane usually form over?

Hurricanes form over warm ocean water, nearly always in the tropics.

What ocean did hurricane Floyd form?

Hurricane Floyd developed over the Atlantic Ocean.

Do Chicago ever has a hurricane?

No. Hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water, and Chicago is too far from the ocean to get them.

Can a hurricane come from the Great Lakes or can only tornadoes form there?

No. A hurricane cannot form on the Great Lakes. Unlike tornadoes, which can occur almost anywhere, hurricane requires large amounts of warm water to form. In other words, they can only form over ocean water in or near the tropics. The Great Lakes are too cold and too small to support a hurricane.

What do the tectonic plates have to do in order to cause an hurricane?

Nothing. Hurricanes are weather events. They form from storms gaining energy over warm ocean water. They have absolutely nothing to do with plate tectonics.

What ocean did Hurricane Katrina form?

Atlantic Ocean

What are the sources of energy that fuel hurricanes?

Hurricanes get their energy from moisture that evaporates from warm ocean water. Warm, moist air holds enormous amounts of energy. This air is drawn into a hurricane and the moisture condenses to form clouds, releasing its energy in the process to power the storm.

Why can't hurricanes hit Chicago?

Hurricanes form over tropical ocean water and weak rapidly to below hurricane strength if they hit land. Chicago is too far from the ocean for a hurricane to reach it.

Can a hurricane occur on the water?

Yes. In fact hurricanes form over the ocean when temperature inversions occur.

Do hurricane form over warm ocean water?

Yes. Hurricanes develop in warm tropical waters.

Why is it unlikely that a hurricane will originate in the Arctic Ocean?

Hurricanes require warm ocean water to form. The Arctic Ocean is very cold and is partially frozen over and thus cannot provide the warmth or moisture necessary. So it's not just unlikely for a hurricane to form in the Arctic; it's impossible.

How does the formation of a hurricane relate to the water cycle?

Hurricanes are formed by the evaporation of moisture from the ocean and return water to the surface in the form of rain.