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Q: How are the reactions and human body similar to the reactions of an internal composition engine?
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Why are Combustion reactions are useful to humans?

Combustion reactions are very valuable and useful to humans in several ways. One important combustion reaction takes place in an internal combustion engine.

Internal combustion engine of a gasoline engine?

a gasoline engine is an Internal combustion engine

What internal parts of a 2004 Mitsubishi engine is not considered to be internal?

Internal parts are just that,,internal meaning they are inside the engine. If they are not IN the engine they are external parts.

What is similar to a gasoline engine except it has no spark plugs?

A diesel engine has the same internal components and works off of compression ignition, not spark ignition.

What engine is an example of an internal combustion engine?

The four-stroke engine used in automobiles is an example of an internal combustion engine.

What are the differences of internal combustion and gasoline engine?

and internal combustion engine and a gasoline engine are the same thing.

Does a truck use an external or internal combustion engine.?

Internal combustion engine.

What is naturally aspirated?

An internal combustion engine which draws in air for combustion without aid of turbo charger or similar, is said to be naturally aspirated.

Which type of engine is classified as internal combustion?

Reciprocating engines (piston engines) are internal combustion engines. Rotary engines ( Wankel engine) is also an internal combustion engine. In general, all types of engines in which the combustion chamber is an integrating part of the engine is considered a internal combustion engine.

What is the fuel that goes into a internal combustible engine?

The fuel that goes in to an internal combustible engine are gasoline or diesel fuel.

Who was the very first person to invent the internal combustion engine?

who was the first person to invent the internal combustion engine

What industries did the internal combustion engine give rise to?

The internal combustion engine give rise to the auto industry.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of internal expansion?

Do you mean the "internal combustion engine"?

Seminar topics on internal-combustion engine?

combustion engine

What is the difference between internal combustion engine and heat engine?

What is an engine that burns fuel in a chamber inside the engine?

Internal combustion engine

Hydrogen in internal-combustion engine?


Identify the source of thermal energy in an internal combustion engine?

In an internal combustion engine fuel is burned in a combustion chamber or cylinder inside the engine

the force engine that opposes drag and is powered by combustion reactions in the engine is?


What is an internal combustion engine?

An internal combustion engine is the main part of a vehicle. It transforms the gas in a car into energy to run on.

Who was the first to patent a working internal combustion engine?

Karl Benz was the first person to patent internal combustion engine.

What effect di dthe internal combustion engine have on transportation?

The internal combustion engine extended the range of individualized transportation.

Why 2002 dodge intrepid 2.7 v6 engine knocks?

If the sound is coming from inside the engine, an internal part has failed.If the sound is coming from inside the engine, an internal part has failed.

What is loose compression?

Loss of compression is caused by bad internal engine wear or internal engine failure. Both mean the engine will need serious repair

An engine that burns fuel in a chamber inside the engine is called?

internal combiustion engine