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Q: How come people like history, but sometimes, not important?
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Who is the most important porson in history?

Person*...there is no 1 most important person. without multiple people in history not everything will come together. Some important people were geroge Washington, ben Franklin, Mr. kunz, davinchi and many more

How important is history in your life?

History is important so that we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. It is also important know where you come from because it gives you direction for the future.

Why do people even spend time on this boring site?

Sometimes people think that true answers come from it. Sometimes this is true and sometimes it is not.

What is the history of worlds sports day?

History of sports day is when people come out and play

Why is Israel important in history?

Israel is important because it is where the Jewish persons come from Egypt. It is also where Jesus was created.

Why is it important for scientists to study the history of the Earth?

history=his+story[story of man] person who doesn't know his history will face an identity crisis he will have no culture etc.... It is important so people can know where they come from and how the earth was formed, also know what formed on earth that could help them i.e natural resources

Where do Romanian people come from?

see the link below for the history

How did the 12 tribes come into being and why they are so important to Jewish history?

They were the twelve sons of Jacob. They're important because they are our ancestors.

Why did anne Frank's dairy come so important?

Because it told us a lot about history.

Is it important for travelers and business people to understand the cultures they come into contact with?

very important

When does swamp people come back to tv?

it gives sometimes on discovery channel

Where does the name Bourelle come from?

I've read in french history books that the word "bourelle" was used sometimes in an injurious manner. People would treat a woman by that name and it would sometimes lead to prosecution in courts for the reason that "bourelle" is the feminine of "bourreau" ; in english: executioner.

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