How did a strong legal system affect Rome?

Subject: Western History

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Q: How did a strong legal system affect Rome?
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Did ancient Rome's religion affect America?

Not in the least. Ancient Rome's religious beliefs were what we term pagan. The United States of America was founded by Christian men with Christian beliefs. The American legal system is based on the Roman legal system, in no way based on their religious system.

How did the creation of the twelve tables change the legal system in rome?

The Law of the Twelve Tables did not change the legal system of Rome. It created it. It was the first set of written laws.

What did the legal system contribute to during the empire?

To the fall of Rome.

During the Empire The Roman Legal System Contributed to?

The downfall of Rome

What did the roman legal system contribute to during the empire?

To the fall of Rome.

How has ancient Rome affected the American legal system?

The birth of the American legal system stems from many ancient civilizations including Rome. In ancient Rome, the Twelve Tables were created. The tables displayed the laws clearly for all to see. The laws dealt with both the private and public lives of the people of Rome. For the most part, everyone was considered equal in the Roman legal system and people were innocent until proven guilty before a judge

What are the legcys of rome?

many things, from the actual calendar to many of the laws on the legal system (continental system, not the english one).

How did Rome's location affect the development?

How did Rome's location affect its development

Why would Rome's location have a strong military?

A location does not have a strong military. Rome developed of a strong military for historical reasons.

What was the basis of most legal systems for Rome?

I don't know too much about the legal systems of medieval or modern Rome. However the ancient Roman legal system was loosely based on the Greek system of democracy, with every citizen having the right to vote. But the technique of the ancient system was purely Roman, such as the assemblies, the senate and the counsuls. The laws themselves were based on Roman tradition.

True or false Greece and rome regulated their societies within an elaborate legal framework but without a strong centralized bureauractic state?


Who made Roman law?

The Roman law, which is the legal system applied in the ancient Rome,were proposed by the magistrates and approved by the assembly.

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