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Q: How did I distinguish benzene from cyclohexane?
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How do you distinguish between benzene and cyclohexane with equations?

perform gattermann kochs reaction on benzene. you will get an aldehyde. on the obtained aldehyde use tollens reagent. you will get a silvery white ppt. on performing gatterman kochs reaction on cyclohexane , this will yield no reaction. hence this is how you differentiate between benzene and cyclohexane

What is the difference between cyclohexane and benzene?

Cyclohexane is C6H12 and benzene is C6H6.

What is more reactive benzene or cyclohexane?


How do you convert cyclohexane to benzene?

Cyclohexane can be converted into benzene by catalytic dehydrogenation in the presence of oxides of D block for ex V2O5, Cr2O3 etc. Cyclohexane when heated at 6000C in presence of Al2O3-Cr2O3 gives benzene.

What do benzene and cyclohexane have in common?

Benzene and cyclohexane have a similar shape, they both have similar number of carbon atoms. They are both colorless liquid.

How do you prepare cyclohexane from benzene?

Catalytic hydrogenation

Catalytic hydrogenation of benzene produces what?

It produces Cyclohexane.

Is Cyclohexane planar?

No, benzene is planar but cycloheaxane is not truly so. It is found in a "chair" or "boat" conformation.

What is the difference between Cycloalkene and benzene?

First of all a cycloalkene could be many things, such as, cyclopentane, cyclohexane or like. If you mean the difference between cyclohexene and benzene, then there is the double bound, 3 of a kind in a benzene molecule.

Why compound have volatile nature?

Generally organic compounds are very volatile.Examples are: acetone, benzene, ethanol, cyclohexane etc.

What organic solvents that are less dense than normal water?

Examples: ethanol, methanol, benzene, cyclohexane, toluene, etc.

What chemicals are petrochemicals?

Petrochemicals are substances extracted from petrol.Examples are: benzene, ethylene, toluene, propylene, butadiene, cyclohexane and hundred others.

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