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Q: How did their environment provide them with all the materials that were needed to fill their household needs in navajo?
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What was the environment like for the Pueblo and Navajo people?

Pueblo and Navajo

How did the Navajo interact with their environment?

they interacted by

How did the Navajo Indians adapt to their environment?

They used all the tools around them

What are some facts about the Navajo physical environment?

there physical environment is dry lands and the desert

Was it hard for Navajo to acclimate to their environment?

no no child they were indians

How did Navajo Indians interact with their environment?

I don"t know.

What has the author Alfred W Yazzie written?

Alfred W. Yazzie has written: 'Navajo oral tradition' -- subject(s): Bilingual, Folklore, Indians of North America, Juvenile literature, Navajo Indians, Navajo language, Navajo language materials, Navajo mythology, Texts

What materials did the Navajo people use to construct a loom?

with wood and wire

Why do Navajo people use bows and arrows?

to provide and defend their families...

How did the Navajo Indians survive in a environment?

They, like any group, modified their environment as much as they could and adapted to what they could not modify.

What kind of animal skin did the Navajo tribe use for clothing?

Mostly, the Navajo used deer skin to make skirts, vests, dresses, and other materials to make moccasins.

What is the Navajo's location and natural environment?

they live in four corners, but Colorado is not popular among them.

How did the Navajo contribute to America?

Aside from whatever cultural contributions the Navajo made, during World War II Navajo men worked as "code talkers" to provide the US military with a form of field communication that could not be understood by the enemy.

What is the Navajos environment?

The Navajo Indians lived in The southwest part of the USA and lived In dessert climate.

Which feature of their environment most affected the lives of all the pueblo and Navajo peoples?

they ate people.

What is the proper adjective for Navajo?

The proper adjective form for Navajo is Navajo, as in Navajo Nation, Navajo people, Navajo history, Navajo art, etc. An example sentence: We visited the Navajo display at the museum to see the Navajo jewelry.

How do you join the Navajo tribe If one of my great grand parents was Navajo?

To join the Navajo tribe, you will need a Certificate of Blood (COB). To obtain a COB, you will need to know to which chapter of the Navajo reservation your great-grandparent belonged (chapters are districts in the Navajo reservation where your ancestor was born or may have lived). After obtaining this information, you will need to apply through the agency in Window Rock, Arizona. You will need to provide your birth certificate and your parents' birth certificates. The agency will approve your application and send you your COB. However, you must be at least one-quarter Navajo qualify. If one of your great-grandparents was Navajo, that would make your grandparent (their child) half Navajo, your parent one quarter Navajo, and you only one-eighth Navajo.

What special military service did some Navajo soldiers provide in World War 2?

Coded communications.

What qualities of Navajo blankets created a demand for them as a trade item?

The qualities of the Navajo blankets that created a demand for them as a trade item included the bright colors and the excellent weaving structure. These blankets were made from quality materials and were extremely durable as well.

How do you say I'm sorry in Navajo?

There is no word for sorry in Navajo.

What did the Americans call the Navajo?


What were the materials of the code talkers?

I don't know what you mean by "materials". They carried the same personal equipment as other marines. The code itself was developed as something they were able to memorize so that there was no codebook or device to capture. It could not be understood by other Navajo speakers. It would just seem like a long string of words with no grammar. One Navajo man was captured and tortured but he could not understand it. They had to constantly practice to make sure they knew it correctly. For every letter substitution there were three options. For common military nouns there were Navajo code words. The only "materials" they had were the same ones as any marine radio operator at the time. There were two Navajo guys assigned to each radio so it wasn't two hard to carry everything.

What materials are used to make Navajo pottery?

In order to obtain materials for making Navajo pottery you must first learn songs and prayers for removing clay and items for the pottery. these songs are for the dine deties that govern harmony for ones self. with out these songs and prayers you maybe come sick and disablities may occur. the earth and humans must live in harmony and respect must be given. Only people that have pottery and items may show you if you ask them for assistants. Travis Manygoats, Navajo potter

What is Navajo traditional language?

In English is is called Navajo, In Navajo is it called Diné bizaad. There are over 300,000 Navajo, about 175,000- 200,000 speak Navajo.

How do you say Navajo in Navajo?

There are two ways you can say "Navajo" in Navajo. Dinémeans "The People" in Navajo. The Navajo call themselves "Diné". Nabeehó is another way of saying Navajo.