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Oral transmission or something like that think of it as word of mouth

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Q: How did they preserve their poems and history without writing?
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How did Maya Angelou affect history?

By writing poems

Are there any specifications when writing free verse poems?

There are no specifications when writing free verse poems. Because free verse poems do not use the traditional method of writing poems. It can be any poem with or without rhyme, it may not be good or follow any poetic pattern.

What is the work history of Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe's work history is writing poems of his sad life full of death and tragedy.

Punctuation in poems what is the effect?

The same as in normal writing, only some poets try to do without punctuation and some without capitals too.

Why do a writer compose poems?

coz in writing itself it forms the arrangement of meaningful words which poems deals with that. so writing of poems by writers improves their writing skills. (

Did Shel sliverstein stop writing poems before he died or did he keep writing poems until the day he had died?

kept writing

Why did wilfred Owen write poems?

Because he had a passion about writing poems

What was Anne bradstreet purpose of writing pomem?

Anne Bradstreet's purpose of writing poems was to escape women's oppression. She wanted to prove that women could and should write poetry without censure.

How old was Wanda Phipps when she first started writing poems?

Wanda was seven or eight years old when she first started writing poems.

When did Valerie Bloom start writing poems?

she started writing today

What is one way poems are different other kinds of writing?

poems have a different structure

What is the art of writing poems?


What were Henry Lawson's achievements?

writing great poems

What was the principle material used for writing in the Middle Ages?

Much of the medieval writing was on religion. A good deal of it was on philosophy or medicine. There was a lot about mathematics, after the introduction of Arabic numerals. And there was a lot about history. There were a lot of romantic poems, about wars, love, and so on.

What actors and actresses appeared in Simon Armitage Writing Poems - 2012?

The cast of Simon Armitage Writing Poems - 2012 includes: Simon Armitage as Himself - Poet

What was William caxton famous for?

writing poems

How did grace nichols become famous?

she is famous for writing poems.

Did phillis wheatly have any education?

she had an education just from writing poems becase of everything writes in her poems

Why did Langston Hughes start writing poems?

he started writing because he was lonely as a child

What is Emily Dickinson's unique writing style?

Some of her poems were written in the style of hymns, like the Bible. She wrote without titles. Emily's choice of words were precise.

Would The Odyssey be underlined or quoted?

The Odyssey and Iliad are both epic poems. While short poems are quoted in writing, epic poems are underlined do to their length.

How did early people document their history before the invention of writing?

Before the development of written language, history was passed down orally from one generation to the next. Songs and poems were often used because the structure makes it easier to remember the details.

What was Shakespeare good at?

He was good at writing Plays and poems.

When did Emily Dickinson start writing poems?


Do you underline poems when writing in essays?

No you put them in quotation's!