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Q: How do commercial aircraft stay neutrally-charged as much as possible?
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Will commercial supersonic aircraft damage the ozone layer?

Yes they damage, But commercial aircraft do not do that much damage.

How much money does an inspector make?

What type of inspector: Food, house, aircraft ??? commercial vehicle

Who is the girl doing the snow angel in the Columbia wear commercial?

It is not possible to find the name of the girl in the commercial. It is possible the actress is new and has not yet made a name for herself so there isn't much information.

How much space do you need between a hijacked aircraft and other aircraft?

As much as you can possibly get.

How much does a cvn aircraft carrier weigh?

How much does a Nimitz class aircraft carrier weigh

What is the pluraln of aircraft?

The plural of aircraft is aircraft. Much like how the plural of deer is deer. (Singular: That is such a beautiful aircraft / Plural: Look at all of those aircraft)

How much does it cost for the bolts on an aircraft?

There can be hundreds of thousands of bolts on an aircraft

How much fuel does it take to fuel the aircraft?

It depends on the type of aircraft

Should you avoid backing up as much as possible in a commercial vehicle?

Yes, unnecessary backing is frowned upon.

How much does an aircraft painter make an hour?

make an hour for painting aircraft

Mission of hsbc?

The mission of HSBC bank, as with all commercial banks, is to make as much money as possible for it's shareholders.

How much fuel does a fighter aircraft use?

You would have to specify a particular aircraft, "fighter aircraft" is too broad a definition.

How much height an aircraft can fly?

The maximum height flown by an aircraft is 37650m(123524ft). The aircraft is Mig-25 Foxbat.

How much minimum engine can work for an aircraft?

It depends on the size of the aircraft and the power of the engine

Are small commercial airplanes safe?

MUCH safer then your drive to the airport. You are many times more likely to die on your way to the airport then you would be flying an any aircraft (even private).

How many hours one aircraft can fly nonstop?

it depends what aircraft it is and how much fuel it can hold

Why do you think airplanes don't fly high in the stratosphere?

It is likely limitations of the aircraft. Most aircraft are not capable of producing that much lift, especially in the thin air of the stratosphere. Not only that, but there is not enough thrust for a commercial aircraft to get up through that thin air. There are exceptions though. The SR-71 and other "X" planes (X-15), do fly into the stratosphere.

What is the difference between military aircraft and civil aircraft?

Military aircraft are designed to destroy the enemy's military aircraft and (sometimes) their civil aircraft. They also preform bombing tasks as well as a few non-combat tasks. Civil aircraft are mainly transports and crop sprayers that don't do much fighting. Military aircraft are designed to fulfill a multitude of roles that are specified by the Armed forces that will be using these aircraft. These roles include Air attack as well as air support and defence of other military assets. Transport and surveillence are also key roles that military aircraft fulfill. Civil aircraft are designed to perform commercial transport as well as personal use and sports roles. Civil aircraft have no need for stealth or combat survivability the way military Military aircraft do.

How much does a axial commercial fan cost?

how much does a commercial axil fan cost

How did aircraft carrier make world war 2 destructive?

The aircraft carrier was a major support in world war 2. Take the battle of Midway for example, almost the WHOLE battle was the carriers launching their aircraft at one another. also, Aircraft carriers made the bombing of japan possible in the middle of the war. (Doolittle raid). They were pretty much the key to winning the war.

What are some airplanes?

There are three different types of airplanes. Commercial, military and private aircraft. Commercail airplanes include anything from the Boeing 767 to the Airbus'. Military airplanes include figheter-planes, f-16 and transport aircraft, c-5 galaxy. Private aircraft are much smaller and include planes like the cessna 22 or any of the piper lines.

How much education do you need to be a pilot of a commercial aircraft?

To be eligible for hire as a pilot, you only need to have your pilot's licence and be certified by the FAA for commercial flying (which is a type of pilots licence). Any other education is unnecessary, though advisable due to the often competitive nature of the industry.

How much is insurance for a Boeing 737 aircraft?


How much the cost of drone aircraft?

91423620001423698521 penies

How much does the x-15 aircraft cost?