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Q: How do I open the gas compartment to put gas in?
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Why does my 2005 Toyota sienna xle left sliding door only open a few inches then close It will not fully open?

Just a thought. I have a Toyota Sienna also. The gas compartment is on the left side. If the gas compartment is even popped then there is a safety mechanism that will not let the door open. Your compartment might be closed, but you could be having a mechanical problem with the compartment that would cause the safety mechanism to come on. Simple, but could just be it.

How do you put gas in a car?

open the gas door on side of car and then twist the (nozzle- cap) and put the gas despencer in it and start pumping

How do you open the trunk of 2003 BMW if you don't have key and the car is open?

check the glove compartment, i think BMW put a lever in there that will open the back(not sure though)

How do you open a glove compartment without the key?

how to open a glove compartment on a 2008 highlander without the key

Where is 2002 Audi TT Manual Release Gas Refill?

its in the boot right hand side open compartment door its there!

How do you put gas in your 91 Mercury Capri?

open gas flap, and remove gas cap, insert gas nozzle

Where do you put the batteries into the night finder EX-3?

On the bottom of the handle there is a screw, remove it and it will open the battery compartment.

How do you open battery compartment 2011 jeep?

Flip back the front passenger seat and open the compartment lid

What kind of oil to put in a 2002 Saturn vue?

If you have the owners manual to the vehicle, it will tell you exactly what to put. Also if you open the hood to the engine compartment, you should find the recommended oil type on the motor where you put oil or it should be stamped somewhere in the engine compartment.

How do you open a glove compartment when the key wont open on a jaguar xj6?

I've a 1995 xj6 ,but where is the opening for the glove compartment? do it have one

How do you open a gas station 7-11?

you get keys put it in the lock and twist

How do you get petrol?

go to the gas station. open your gas cap the put the nozzel in the fuel neck put how much you want in and then go pay for it go to the gas station. open your gas cap the put the nozzel in the fuel neck put how much you want in and then go pay for it get in your car go to the close petrol sation get some petrol pay for it and go home and

How do you open a honda metropolitan gas cap?

Lift the gas cap cover .. Put the key in the cap and turn it...

How do you open tool compartment on your 2004 Suzuki GSX r 600?

How do you open tool compartment on your 2004 Suzuki GSX r 600?

What do you call the hole in a car that you put gas in?

Fill Spout. When filling your tank with gas, you will need to open your gas tank, unscrew and remove your gas cap, remove the nozzle from the pump and put it in the fill spout.

How do you you get the key to open the secret compartment on the train in poptropica mystery train?

The key doesn't open the secret compartment! You click on the different panels on Mark Twain's wall to find the compartment. The key is for luggage.

What kind of gas to put in my new Honda Pilot 2010?

Put regular gas in, it doesn't need premium. (If you're not sure, open your gas tank and see if there's a sticker saying "premuim gas only".

Can you make a sentence using the word compartment?

I put all my toys in one compartment

What octane gas to put for your 2006 clk 350?

i always run premium gas and yes if your doors are locked the gas tank wont open

How to get to BMW 330i relay behind glove compartment?

Open the glove compartment. There is a fuse box in the back.

Where is the gas tank button to open the tank on a 1991 CADILLAC?

There should be a button inside your glove compartment. You may need the key in the ignition to operate the button.

What kind of oil do is needede for a craftsman platinum 7.25 lawnmower?

If the lawnmower has two compartments one for gas and the other for the oil, then put gas in the gas and a 30w type oil in the oil compartment. Simple as that. If you have an engine with only one compartment then you'll need to check on the manufacturers suggestions which is usually 40:1 or something close.

What would happen if you have an open alcoholic beverage in the passesnger compartment?

In most places, possessing an open alcoholic beverage in the passenger compartment of a vehicle is illegal. If caught, you would be cited for open container.

What is a good sentence for compartment?

There was a secret compartment in his case where he put some of the cash he brought with him as he travelled.

How do you open the sub woofer compartment on a 2004 350Z?

The sub will for compartment has four screws. The screws are located on each corner of the compartment cover. Remove the screws.