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Q: How do the care and service of beer resemble the care and servicr of these other beverages?
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Why do people resemble their cousins?

People may resemble their cousins, but not all cousins resemble each other. Cousins can resemble each other because they have a common ancestry.

How does a koala resemble a kangaroo?

Koalas do not resemble kangaroos. They are both marsupials, but they do not resemble each other in any other way, apart from shared characteristics of marsupials.

What are the responsibility of wine butler?

wine butler is the person who make a recommendation and service of wines and other beverages ... it is also known as a SOMMELIER

Alcoholic Beverages on wedding invitations?

No, but you should provide other beverages besides alcohol.

Are you supposed to store other beverages in decanters, or are they just for wine?

Yes you can store other beverages such as water in decanters. They are not just for wine.

What do botos use sonar for and other mammals do they resemble?

Botos use sonar to navigate and hunt. They resemble dolphins.

Does Ostrich resemble emu?

Superficially, yes - the ostrich and emu resemble each other a great deal.

Which pair of instruments lost closely resemble each other in appearance?

The euphonium and the baritone horn closely resemble each other, and are often confused.

Why do retarded children resemble each other?

Retarded children do not necessarily resemble each other. Some people have particular conditions that include metal disability and also involve specific physical variations from the mean, and they may seem to resemble each other. But other come to metal retardation through other routes and do not share in this resemblance.

What else do they drink other than wine in France?

The French drink coffee, carbonated beverages (Coke, Pepsi, etc.), tea, and many other beverages.

What do botos use sonar for and what other mammals do they resemble?

Botos use sonar to navigate and hunt. They resemble dolphins.

What does resemble mean?

Resemble: have qualities or features especially those of appearance, in common with. Or to put it another way, if two things resemble each other, they are similar.

How isotopes resemble from each other?


What other planets does Neptune resemble?


Are Muslims allowed to drink coffee?

Yes they can! As concerns beverages, Muslims are only prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages. It is Mormons who cannot drink coffee among other beverages.

How old do you have to be to work in a pub serving alcohol and not serving alcohol?

You must be 21 years old to work in a pub or bar serving alchoholic beverages.A pub not serving alchohol, which is technically a restaurant, observes the usual working age for food service: 14 years of age. That said, a 14-year old can work in a restaurant serving alchoholic beverages, but he/she may not tend the bar, consume alchoholic beverages, or serve alchoholic beverages.To sum it up: You must be 21 to work in a pub or bar serving alchoholic beverages or 14 to work in general food service in the U.S.A. This does not apply to other countries.

What are the types of alcoholic drinks?

The three major categories of alcoholic beverages are beer (and other brewed beverages), wine, and distilled spirits.

What is a sentence with the word resemble in it?

The suspects resemble an old style gang.The photos of the older couple resemble my parents.Two possible sentences for 'resemble' would be:Although in the same Order of animals, a koala and a wombat do not resemble each other at all.I have been told that I resemble my brother in appearance.

What other sport does volleyball most resemble?


What are the most popular beverages in china?

Chinese people usually eat: rice, tea, tofu, poultry, noodles and many other beverages.

Does the incredible hulk and iron man have something to do with each other?

no, but they resemble each other

What other mechanism slow the process of warming beverages?


Is wine a diuretic?

The ethanol (alcohol) that is in wine and other alcoholic beverages is a diuretic.

Which other plant seeds resemble datura seeds?


What other creatures does a platypus resemble?

The platypus is completely unique and does not resemble any other creature at all. It is so unique that when the first stuffed specimen was sent back to England for examination, it was believed to be a hoax.