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Q: How do u stop being sick?
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What is the worst part about being sick?

the worst part of being sick is that u don't feel active or great and u get really lazy

How do you stop being sick when ill?

Go to the doctor

How do you stop feeling sick on your period?

u just cant. sorry.

What signs should you look for of possible drug addiction?

u want more of what ever your taking and u feel sick alot u just cant stop u want more of what ever your taking and u feel sick alot u just cant stop

What was the need for the invention of ether?

to stop people being sick

How do you stop being sick?

when you are sick eat toast every 2 hours and stand on the roof.

What makes you sick?

what makes u sick? what make u sick from anything. like from being to cold and eating ice-creams IN WINTER Or u dont wear jumpers and stuff to keep u warm in WINTER SO U HAVE TO DO THE RIGHT THING

When did Andrew Jackson stop being president?

because he was getting old and sick

When will a female hamster stop being fertile?

They dont. as long as there not sick they can have pups.

How do you stop being a pervert?

When you are no longer a virgin (usually). There are the sick others that are on a different subject.

Can a gerbil eat a pickle?

NO NO NO it will get extreemly sick will stop eating and drinking then die ................ if i were u i woudent try it.

Do you like to get sick and die?

No because loseing your life is horrble and if u get sick its about how sick u are

What are the good and bad points of a doctor?

They can do surgery on u and not be able to fix it (like my grandma) They can help u from being sick

How do you punish your employee for lying on being sick?

if they no u no just tell it to them straight if they don't then get them to admit and punish them how u fell

If you take a lot of aspirin every day will it stop you from being pregnant?

NO, but it might make you very sick as it reduces clotting. Only abstention or contraception can stop you from being pregnant.

How long should you stay away from work if you have stomach flu?

48 hours after you stop being sick

What to say to a person that is being rude?

Im not talking to you are being rude and unless u stop being rude im going to leae and slap u

How does glowbal warming start?

it start of as being a dum person. STOP BEING A DUM PERSON. U ARE SO DUM U ARE STILL READING

Germs that can get you sick?

WELL...all of them even if your not sick u still have germs cause something that u touch could have been sick and u can get that persons germs and then u can get sick so when ever u go 2 a store,flea-market,farmers market or goodwill u should wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when u leave so u don't get sick.

How is mucas made?

mucus is made by being sick. for example if u breath to much dirt and dust u sneeze and as u sneeze usually mucus comes up.(only if your sick or if getting sick) its also made of cells fiting so its dead cells and alive cells (mostly dead)

What do u do if u see a person being racist?

You stop them and tell them that what they are doing is wrong. If there a hurting someone of color then you should lead that person away and stop the fight.

If someone who is sick farts an you smell it do you get sick?

yes u will

How do you get better from being sick?

It depends If by sick u mean vomit, then drink sum water if by sick u mean a cold, then drink sum hot tea, lie in bed, not go to skl/work, relax, have sum medicin - tylenol/benadril, summin lik that

Can you stop me being bored?

we'll if u want 2 stop being bored call a friend or go 2 a friends house or what ever. or u can go outside 2 a park or maybe play a sport.

When will they stop making Wii games?

Wii games will stop being produced some time after the Wii-U is released.