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have no idea I'm still young

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Q: How does the law of attraction work?
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Does law of attraction work?

Yes, Yes, absolutely yes

Is the law of attraction proven to work?

The Law of Attraction does work but it is hard to follow it in the way it is needed to get results. I recommend Ho'oponopono, which is the next step from the Law of Attraction. It neutralizes negative memories and energies so that the Divine Source can work in our lives...the only difference is that those using it do not ask for specific things but leave it to the Creator. It can be used together with the Law of Attraction for good results. It is important to be consistent with the prayers. It is not something that will work if used just occasionally. You can find information on ho'oponopono online by googling it or Dr. Hew Len.

Does the Law of attraction work in matters of love?

It works in all matters

How many law of attraction fans are there?

I am what you can call a "law of attraction fan". I have conducted a law of attraction experiment in which I tried to manifest one small desire of mine (like a packet of noodles or a guava) using the law of attraction. Do you have any question related to the law of attraction? Has it affected your life?

What is the difference between law of attraction and imagination?

The Law of Attraction is nothing but imagination. It is visualization. It is imagining โ€˜mangoes, mangoes, mangoesโ€™ and expecting mangoes to grow in the garden. It is imagining โ€˜coffee, coffee, coffeeโ€™ and you will get a cup of coffee. But in reality, the Law of Attraction is a principle, it is not a law. A law works everywhere all the time but this does not work all the time. Therefore if you look deeper into the Law of Attraction, you will find inside โ€˜attractionโ€™ the word โ€˜actionโ€™. Attraction creates imagination, creates desires, thoughts which manifest into feelings and action. It is the action that bears fruit - what you sow, you reap, not what you attract you reap. When you attract, when you imagine, that becomes action. Therefore attraction and imagination is the same but attraction and action are different.

Is the Law of Attraction effective?

Law of attraction is a law, like gravity is a law. Yes, it is effective. It is at work all the time. Everything in your life, whether you want it or not, is attracted by law of attraction. And yes, you can change the things you attract by learning to use the law of attraction consciously. Visit my blog (in my profile) to learn how.

How is newtons law different from coulombs law?

Newtons law has to due with mass and ATTRACTION only Coulombs law has to due with charge and ATTRACTION AND REPULSION

Who gives law of attraction?

No one gives the Law of Attraction. It is a Universal Spiritual Law which has been in effect since the beginning of time.

What are two examples of scientific law?

Law of attraction and Murphies law

What is the name of the film about the Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne?

The name of the film by Rhonda Byrne about the Law of Attraction is called "The Secret"> The name of the film by Rhonda Byrne about the Law of Attraction is called "The Secret".

What are the release dates for The Law of Attraction - 2009 TV?

The Law of Attraction - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 2009 (TV premiere)

Law of attraction and repulsion in magnets?

What is the question?

What actors and actresses appeared in The Law of Attraction in Action - 2009?

The cast of The Law of Attraction in Action - 2009 includes: Jerry Hicks as himself

What actors and actresses appeared in Secret Law of Attraction - 2007?

The cast of Secret Law of Attraction - 2007 includes: Jack Canfield as himself

How do you make wishes come true overnight?

By knowing and using the law of attraction you can attain things that you want and need in your life. But there is no guarantee it will appear overnight. As with all things worthwhile, the law of attraction takes persistance and mental work before you can mainifest your desires. *Note:The law of attraction is not only Biblical but has been proven scientifically by quantum physicists and predates even Christ himself.

Does the law of attraction specific person?

If you mean can you attract a specific person using the law of attraction, the answer is yes and no. That person would have to match the energy vibration that you are sending to the Universe...but if he or she does match, then the attraction would happen.

Who stated the law of electrical attraction and repulsion and when?


What is meant by law of resistance?

Law of resistance: What you resist persists. based on the same concept as law of attraction

What is the universal law of attraction?

The Universal Law of Attraction is that we attract what we give our attention to, what you think about comes about. It is a universal law because it is true for everyone, it doesn't matter what race, religion or creed a person is. Want to learn more about the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires? sign up for a free email course at:

When you cry does the law of attraction work better?

Absolutely not. It works best when you are completely positive in thought and words. Law of attraction works based on what we are feeling. When we are feeling sad, we draw to us more things that will make us sad. When we are feeling happy, we draw to us more things that make us happy. Which do you want more of? t learn how to use law of attraction more effectively, see my blog (in my profile).

What is the name of the book by Rhonda Byrne about the law of attraction?

The book Rhonda Byrne wrote about the Law of Attraction is called "The Secret". It was originally a DVD also titled "The Secret".

What do you know about magnetic attraction?

Magnetic attraction occurs as a result of the North pole of the magnet attracting the south pole of the thereby obeying the law of electrostatic attraction.

Is the law of attraction true?

Try it and find out. It's worked for me.

WHO stated the law of electrical attraction and repulsion?

some asian

How to learn the law of attraction?

In a physical examination, medical examination