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When would a multi agency coordination system be required

Which type of incident is typically handled within the first hour after resources arrive on scene and include vehicle fires and personal injuries

What is a factor that affects the control of an incident

Which type of incident requires multiple fire and patrol vehicles and is usually limited to one operational period

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Q: How is the cultural history of a place defined Maintained Assimilated How does Osorio’s work express his Latinx culture?
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How did the Jews assimilated into their receiving culture?

Jews historically did NOT assimilate into their receiving cultures. They maintained their time-honored traditions and customs, and this caused problems with bigotry from their non-Jewish neighbors.

What does it mean to be assimilated?

to fit in to the culture of a country you have immigrated to

What is cultural geography?

cultural geography is the study of culture!!!!!!!!!!CULTURAL Geography- study of culture.

Distinguish between cultural convergence and cultural divergence?

cultural convergence is when it is all about what happens in the culture, b ut culture divergence is when the culture has different cultural parts. :)

What is a cultural background?

A cultural background is the culture of something.

What is Harlem cultural?

harlem cultural is a culture with the harms

What is cultural origins?

culture origin is culture copy this

What is cultural literacy?

Cultural literacy means a reasonably good knowledge of your culture. It often refers to high culture, rather culture in general or popular culture.

What are the ways in which cultural diffusion occurs?

cultural diffusion is when one culture influsences and changes another culture

What is the definition of assimilation?

state of being assimilated. People gathering together in a country and dissolve in the culture.

What is a cultural universal?

A cultural universal is a part in a humans culture

What occurs when culture traits from one culture are adopted by another culture?

The term is cultural diffusion, or cultural exchange. The exact results can vary with anything from new technology or ideas to a drastic change in culture. Look up "cultural diffusion" or "cultural exchange" for maximum information.

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