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Q: How many hippopotamus attacks have there been in the last 20 years?
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How many shark attacks have there been in the last 10 years?


How long did the attacks last?

12 winters 12(years)

How common are polar bear attacks?

Despite perceptions, polar bear attacks are relatively rare. It has been noted by polar bear expert, Tom Smith, that in the last 125 years, there have been 8 fatalities in Canada and two in Alaska.

Has Osama bin Laden been hiding in the same compound for the last 10 years- since the September 11 attacks?

It is said that he has been. However he was found and killed as reported by the media.

Can a tiger harm a human?

A tiger can harm a human. There have been many cases of a tiger attacking and harming a human. There have been around 370,000 tiger attacks in the last 200 years.

How many people die in Costa-Rica because of crocodile attacks?

It depends on what year. For example, there have been 1,159 reported crocodile attacks on humans since 2010, and many other attacks go unreported.

What animal names have as the last two letters us?


How many months does a hippopotamus's pregnancy last?

8 months

How many people have died in the last 100 years from shark attacks?

3 woman on their rag

How many crew members rowing members died from shark attacks in the last 100 years?

There has been many crew members that have died from sharks. There are actually rowing members. Well anyway to answer your question there has been 249 shark atacks in the last 100 years well hopefully i have answerd you question.

In the last 4000 years have any animals been domesticated?

There have been no new animals that have been domesticated in the last 4,000 years.

In which years did Japanese planes make attacks on Australia?

The first of the Japanese attacks on Australian soil in World War II occurred in February 1942. The last of the dozens of bombing attacks was in 1943.

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