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1 cup?????

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Q: How many pounds of apples does it take to make 10 cups?
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Related questions

How many cups in 3 pounds of apples?

Approximately 3 cups.

How many apples equals 5 cups of sliced apples?

How many whole apples to make four cups of sliced apples?

How many apples make up 4 cups?

15 to 20 apples will make up 4 cups

How many apples make up 6 cups?

About 3 medium apples equals 2 cups of chopped apples. So, it would take about 9 medium apples to make 6 cups of chopped apples.

How many cups of apples make a lbs?

Approximately 2.4 cups.

How many apples make 2 cups finely chopped?

That is about 3 apples.

How many cups in 7 lbs of apples?

how many cups in 7 lbs. of apples

How many granny smith apples will you need to make 6 cups sliced?

12 cups

How many apples does it take to make 8 cups of sliced apples?

One medium sized apple should make one cup of slices. So, eight medium sized apples should make eight cups of sliced apples.

How many cups is equal to one pound of sliced apples?

3 pounds of apples roughly equals 8 cups of peeled apple slices, so 1 pound of apples would roughly equal nearly 3 cups of slices.

How many granny smth apples does it take to make 6 cups?

Depending on the size of the apples, you can expect to need about 8 Granny Smith apples to yield 6 cups of chopped apples.

How many cups are in a can of apples?

That is about 1.4 cups

How many cups make 2pounds of sugar?

4 cups make 2 pounds of sugar.

How many pounds of potatoes do you need to make 8 cups?

2 pounds

1 kg of apples is how many cups of apples?


How many cups of diced beets make 4 pounds?

That is approximately 8.2 cups

How many cups of chicken make 2 pounds?

5 1/2 cups

How many apples are required for a recipe that calls for 8 pounds of apples?

it will take 24 apples because you use 3 apples to make a pound

How many cups in 2 quarts of apples?

8 cups

How many cups in one pound apples?

About 2 cups

How many cups does 5 pounds of potatoes make?


How many apples are in 4 pounds?

There are about 12 medium apples in four pounds.

How many cups of cheese does it take to make 2 lbs?

it takes four cups to make two pounds

How many apples (cups) of apples in apple pie?

This will depend on the size of the apples you use, but 6 to 7 cups would be pretty standard

How many dry cups in 2 pounds?

1.25 pounds dry = how many cups

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