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Q: How many Undertale aus are there?
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why did anyone want to make Undertale AUs?

Why wouldn't they is the real question.

How many undertale fangames are there?

A lot

When was undertale made?

undertale was released 15 September 2015

Can I be chara in undertale?

Yes but no at the same time

Is temmie ( from undertale ) allergic to temmie?


Will undertale have a second part?

It already does, deltarune.

Who created undertale?

Undertale was created by Toby Fox, a game developer for the Mother series. You can actually find him in Earthbound as a dog in the shop in Onett. After Undertale, he later went on to create Deltarune Chapter One. Toby Fox's true identity is yet to be fully revealed.

What type of flower is flowey from undertale?

Sun Flower

Did Toby Fox make Undertale?

yes yes he did

Is Sans the strongest Undertale character?

[object Object]

What are some video games like Deltarune?


Who is Sans the Skeleton?

he is a skeleton that likes bad jokes and he brother is papyrus and he is my favirote charetor in undertale

How many undertale fans are there?

I'm not too sure, but over a thousand, information I got from a livestream on Jakei animating Underverse, (an au series that was originally a comic she created, it isn't canon) due to the many likes. I am one of them! (if you don't dislike the aus too much, you should look it up on YouTube, it's really good in my opinion)

Is Sans from undertale real?

If you think hard enough, sans Undertale might just be real and you can meet him and kill him

Who is the creator of undertale?

Toby Fox. He also I believe he "developed" Pokemon sun and moon, or sword and shield.

How do you get undertale?

You buy it from Nintendo switch, steam, xbox, or PlayStation.

How old is undertale?

2 years "old" it was made in 2015

How many AUs is mars from the earth?


How many AUs is Mars from the sun?


How many aus from earth to sun?


Is Napstabot in Undertale or just Underswap?

Napstabot is the replacement for Mettaton in Underswap and is not present in Undertale.

What is Toriel?

She is a goat mom ok nerds undertale look it up

Is undertale real?

Its not based on real events

Is undertale good?

Its really good you should play it ๐Ÿ‘

Who started the ugly side of the Undertale fanbase?

probably the nsfw artists.