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Q: How much mililitres or fluid ounces to feed a succulent plant?
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Related questions

Give you a sentence using the word succulent?

That is a succulent fruit. The succulent plant needs little water.

What is the best succulent plant food?

If you're asking what to give a succulent plant to "eat" then any fertilizer will do. if you're asking what is the best food from succulent plants i personaly like "sabres fruit"

What has the author Succulent Plant Institute written?

Succulent Plant Institute. has written: 'Gymnocalyciums' -- subject(s): Cactus, Gymnocalycium

Who is noni?

Grandma, or a succulent plant.

What special ability does a succulent plant have?

The special ablity that a succulent has is that it is able to go long periods of time without needing any water. This is why they are suitable for desert conditions. The most well known succulent plant is the cactus.

What does the word succulent mean?

A succulent plant conserves water. Example: Cactus Succulent means fleshy, pulpy, juicy - moist and tasty.

Which family does the money plant belong to?

it belong to a succulent plant specie.

Is jade potsdam a kind of a plant?

no, but there is a succulent plant named jade.

What is a succulent plant with purple flowers?


What is a Mexican succulent plant called?


Where is the cricket in you spy mystery?

On the first page, theres a succulent plant by a cactus. The cricket is on one of the succulent leaves

What is the difference between cactus and lotus plant?

Cactus is a succulent. They are commonly found in deserts. A lotus is a water plant.

What is a variation of a cactus?

a succulent plant found in deserts

What biome would a succulent plant live in?


What plant has stems that can store water?

Succulent plants.

What type of plant is aloe vera?

Is a succulent plant. looks like a cactus but it's not.

Is aloe a cactus?

no it is a succulent plant, a family of which cacti are members.

A plant that stores water in its tissues is called a .?

The general name is a succulent or a cactus.

A plant that stores water in its tissues is called a?

The general name is a succulent or a cactus.

Which term describes a desert plant such as cactus?

Xerophyte, succulent

What is the name of a succulent plant that grows about six feet tall and has clusters of flowers on top that hang vertically?

Sunflowers? I don't know if that is succulent though...

How long can a succulent plant go without water?

1 day

Is a cactus a livng thig?

Yes, it is a type of plant that is in the succulent family.

Cactus from Mexico?

yes, as with any succulent plant it will become water bagged

What is an ayegreen?

An ayegreen is another name for the houseleek, a succulent plant of the genus Sempervivum.