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Q: How physical geography may have affected the great migration in the United states?
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What examples of how cultural geography may have affected the great migration in the United states?

african american communities growing post civil war racial discrimination in the south

How did physical geography between Canada and the United States influence the cultures of the region's first settlers?

how did geography influence the department of canada

The physical geography of the United States?

is amazingly beautuful and complex ~ Wesley J. :)

How did migration affect twentieth-century European social life?

Migration affected twentieth-century European social life by causing a mass exodus from Europe to North America, and, in particular, the United States.

How does geography keep people in the United States from having Internet access Name two areas of the United States affected by digital exclusion.?

I am not aware of anywhere in the United States that does not have access to digital services.

Which are examples of how technology may have affected the Great Migration in the United State?

Railroads allow food to be sold farther from where it is grown. Manufacturing technologies growing in cites.

What are the five themes of geography for the United Kingdom?

The five themes of geography are location, place, region, movement and human-environment interaction. Location refers to where something is. Place describes a locations's human and physical characteristics. A region is an area that has some common, unifying characteristic. Movement is just that - the movement and migration across the planet. Human-environment interaction is how humans adapt to, and modify the environment.

What are some examples of physical boundaries in geography?

The Rio-Grande serves as the border between Mexico and the United States. It is a river so it would a physical boundary.

What role did migration play in populating the united States?

what role did migration play in populating the United States?

What are the physical features of Britain?

The geography of the United Kingdom is very diverse. There are rolling hills, fjords, valleys, rivers, highlands, dales, forests, and moors.

Geography is united by what perspective?

Geography is united by a perspective common to all of its fields. This perspective is commonly known as the spacial perspective.

What is the northern migration?

The norther migration or great migration involved the exodus of African Americans from the southern United States to northern cities.

Do you capitalize geography in the sentence United Stated Geography?

Yes, you do capitalize the word "geography" because it is part of the title.

What is the geography definition for region?

the Geography definition for region is like nation, or it can be a united front.

What can you draw for geography?

United states

How did the African migration affect the US politically?

African migration made the united states turn toward communism

What was westward migration?

Westward migration or westward expansion was the principle of manifest destiny and expanding the United States of America.

Which state had the highest migration in 2011?

In the year 2011 the United States saw over three hundred thousand immigrants apply and migrate to the United States. Within the United States California has the highest migration rate with over 210,000 immigrants.

What has the author Marius R Campbell written?

Marius R. Campbell has written: 'The Glacier National Park' -- subject(s): Valleys, Guidebooks, Description and travel, Physical geography, Geomorphology, National parks and reserves, Geology 'The coal fields of the United States' -- subject(s): Coal 'Contributions to the geography of the United States, 1923-1924' -- subject(s): Mines and mineral resources, Geology 'Contributions to the geography of the United States, 1926' -- subject(s): Geology, Erosion, Soils, Paleontology

How have historical events affected the cultures of United States and Canada?

how have historical events affected the culture of the united states

How did the geography of the US change after the end of its policy of isolationism?

How did the geography of the United States change after the end of its policy of isolationism.

How did China's geography make it it difficult for the Zhou kings to keep there kingdom united?

How did china's geography make it difficult for the zhou kings to keep their large kingdom united

What is the largest migration in the world today?

Mexico to united states

What were the effects of the great migration?

The Great Migration was the migration of 6 million African Americans from the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest, and West. The effects of great migration were , demographic changes, discrimination and working conditions, integration and segregation.

The largest migration flow for the past 150 years has been to?

It has been to the United States.

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