How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Online Course: 7 Must-Follow Rules?

Though eLearning is attributed to both PCs and mobile learning. It is totally different when customizing mobile-friendly online courses since everyone owns a smartphone people tend to watch online courses on their phones on the go, as they carry them everywhere. Break Content Into 1-2 Minute Modules: The internet has dramatically affected our attention span. With only 160 characters on Twitter and the photo-sharing app, Instagram has conditioned us to consume information in bite-sized chunks: one session can last as short as 72 seconds on average. The Nielsen Norman Group derived this figure from a poll of internet users in eight countries, including the United States, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom. Large courses are not for mobile learning. So, it is important to reduce large chunks of lessons into 2-minute modules, so that students can access and learn anytime and anywhere. The creators of Google Primer, a mobile app that teaches the fundamentals of digital marketing, divided their learning program into modules. One module in Primer is a deck containing 5 or 7 cards. Each deck focuses on a single rule. Users gain a tiny amount of knowledge in 2 minutes and can apply it straight away.Track Progress: When users take a break, a good mobile app creates a digital bookmark and reminds them to resume where they left off. If you don’t want to divide a larger course into modules, the program will still retain your progress and allow you to study the content in stages. They can begin now and continue tomorrow from where they left off. Work Out Tutorial: The first time you open a course is like being a stranger in a strange world. If you don’t want your users to get lost, offer them a quick tour of the site: show them all the buttons and explain what they do. Tutorials in e-courses frequently appear as pop-up hints over a darkened background. Many learners in a mobile course mistake this intro for an ad banner and just close it. Furthermore, the same students are likely to get stuck on the following screen since they can’t find the proper buttons. Instead of lengthy lessons at the start, provide subtle pointers throughout the course. In Duolingo, a language learning app, new users are greeted by a teacher who gradually explains all of the functions. Minimize Text on Slides: On mobile devices, if there is a lot of text on the screen, it is small and difficult to read. Remove extraneous words and divide large sentences into lines of no more than 40 characters. Follow the rule of one screen per idea. Use 16 Pixels Font Size or More: Text can be resized as needed when reading articles on the web. It’s not always possible for e-courses, so use 16px or larger fonts. Smaller letters are difficult to read. Also, for mobile courses, utilise sans-serif fonts like Arial, Verdana, or Trebuchet. They are easier to read from a phone. Add A Progress Bar to Your Course: When a learner can easily understand how much is done and how much is left, it is easier for them to finish what they’ve started. For example, we can see how many pages are in a book. A progress bar may also be seen in a course. A progress bar can appear as a line across the top of the screen that advances from left to right as the learner scrolls. The bar indicates the section of the course a learner is now seeing and how much work remains to be done. Stop Using Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are frequently utilized in desktop e-courses. However, it’s best to avoid them when designing mobile-first content because users may mistakenly press on a link when sliding between sites. It is far preferable to employ buttons, tabs, and other major features natural to the mobile user experience. Hope this article gave an insight into creating a mobile-friendly online course. For launching your Learning management system app or website, Checkout Expertplus LMS, the best LMS clone script to launch a udemy-like website in a few hours seamlessly. and contact BSEtec for more details and a free demo.

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Q: How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Online Course: 7 Must-Follow Rules?
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