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An organism that eats other organism

What do mitochondrial and thylakoid membranes have in common

What is the term for any organism that obtains its energy by eating other organisms

What is the name of an organism that eats only plants

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Q: How to make an experiment?
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What would make a experiment invalid?

If you did the experiment wrong

What is a repeat experiment?

A repeat experiment is an experiment that a scientist does over again to make sure the information is consistent. This is to make sure nothing went wrong in the experiment.

How do you make an experiment on salts?

This depends on the specific experiment desired.

How can we make conclusions about the results of an experiment?

When you are making a conclusion in an experiment you will want to consider all of the findings in your experiment and use them to make the right conclusion.

How do scientists make theories?

Fist the scientist figures out the aim of their experiment. Then they make a prediction. And then they make a theory before actually doing their experiment. After the experiment they make a conclusion and then evaluate their experiment (what went wrong, how things could be better...). Hope this helped! :)

How do you make an accurate experiment?

You can make sure a experiment is accurate by only changing one thing and doing the experiment more than once to make sure its a fair test.

Why do you think its important to repeat an experiment?

to make the experiment more reliable

What is the relationship between an experiment and a formula?

You use a formula to make an experiment.

How can a scientist make sure that the results of an experiment are not a mistake?

repeat the experiment

Make a sentence using hypothesis controlled experiment and variable?

Make a sentence using hypothesis, controlled experiment and variable. Make a sentence using hypothesis, controlled experiment and variable.

What makes a valid experiment?

To make an experiment valid you have to make sure that the experiments results answer the question that you first started from.

What will a scientists do if they make a mistake or a and need to do the experiment again?

redo or retest the experiment

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