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People become bulemic out of a neurotic fear of becoming fat. Don't make yourself sick, folks.

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Q: How Can you become bulimic?
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Do anorexics binge eat?

Some of them do, and can become bulimic by throwing it all up.

Should you become bulimic?

No, bulimia is a very dangerous and devastating eating disorder

Are you bulimic?

About 1 in every 200 people is bulimic or has some bulimic tendencies.

What is badder anorexic or bulimic?


Sentence with pejorative?

Mark's pejorative remark about his girlfriend's weight caused her to become bulimic.

Can a narcissist be bulimic?

Certainly, anyone can be bulimic.

How can you become bulemic?

If you think you want to become bulimic, then it's strongly recommended you seek professional help. Bulimia is a serious eating disorder that could possibly kill you. It's not COOL to be bulimic. So many girls nowadays brag about their eating disorders in some kind of EMO trend. Please don't. If you are bulimic then you need some serious help.

What can happen when you are bulimic or anorexic?

You can increase unhealthy risks by a lot, you can become depressed, you can become ill, and if it's really bad you can die.

Can fat people become bulimic?

Because they stick there fingers down their throht till they throwup

Will warm salt water make you throw up?

Yes it is a great way to become Bulimic

Do bulimic people reasurch bulimia?

i am bulimic and i researched it after i was diagnosed.

Is Michelle Duggar bulimic?

Michelle was bulimic in high school.

If you start being bulimic how long will it take to become skinny?

Bulimia will not help you lose weight.Only healthy eating and exercise will do that.You can lose weight being Bulimic but it will happen much slower then an anorexic. Also most of what you lose is water weight not actual weight. It depends on what kind of bulimic you are as well.

When do they get an eating disorder?

it depends on the disorder for example people become anorexic between the ages of 13 to 18 and people become bulimic in their 20's

Can you eat if you are bulimic?

The fact that you are asking this question leads me to believe you are not bulimic. Bulimic people will binge followed by purging. So to answer your question, yes they can eat.

Can a cat be bulimic?


What happens to an anorexic or bulimic person?

They become very ill, with some different effects on themselves. Both extremely dangerous and fatal

Why is bad to be bulimic?

Being bulimic isn't bad. People just say it is because they are jealous that you are becoming skinny and they aren't. I think everyone should be bulimic so we can all be wonderfully skinny!

How do you become bulemic?

you should not and can not become bulimic. it's developed over time due to many different factors. you shouldn't want to be involved with the disorder at all, seek mental attention.

How much weight can you lose in a month from being bulimic?

None. Being bulimic does not work. All it does is make is so that you get so sick that eventually you cannot eat. This is why you often hear about people being bulimic and than anorexic because being bulimic causes you to eventually become anorexic. If you want to loose weight, exercise and diet is the way to go. Perhaps go on an apple fast or raw food diet. I did a raw food diet while doing p90x and it was the best thing I have ever done!

Who can be bulimic?


Is a teenage bulimic healthy?


Is it bad to be bulimic?


Is Selena Gomez bulimic?


How do you become anorexic or bulimic?

Caused in too much liquid in the brain cases you to feel that you too fat . Bullling could contribute also