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If data has been published, you might be able to find out the date made and specific model.

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Q: How Can you find out information about your shotguns from their serial numbers?
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How can you find information about a shotgun with no serial number?

Shotguns made in the US before 1968 were not required to have serial numbers. Would have to go with whatever markings are on the gun.

Where can you find serial numbers for western field shotguns model 565?

Check the barrel and receiver.

How can you trace the model of your shotgun by its serial number?

You will have to find a listing of all the serial numbers from the maker for the shotguns they made and go through them.

Where do you find a list of serial numbers for SKB shotguns to determine age?

Try Blue Book of Gun Values

Why can't you find a serial number on your Stevens 12 gauge shotgun?

Serial numbers were not required on long arms before Jan 1, 1969. Most manufacturers did not assign serial numbers to small caliber rifles or utility shotguns.

Where would you find information about the engine serial numbers for JOAP?

781 J and K

Where can you find information on 16 Ga shotguns?

On the internet.

Where can you find information on Washington arms shotguns?


How old is a Ithaca sxs serial5207911?

I cannot find a serial number that high in any of my Ithaca references. The link below will take you to a good summary of serial numbers for Ithaca shotguns, you may be able to find your model and date there-

Where can you find serial numbers for western field shotguns?

Trying to find serial numbers for a western field shotgun would prove to be very difficult.There were many makers of shotguns for the montgomery wards company.some of these include mossberg,savage,stevens,and noble.It would be best if you include the western field model number of your shotgun and then we can convert that number to the original maker of your shotgun.Then we would be able to find the makers model number.You must remeber that prior to the gun control act of 1968 weapons were not required to have serial numbers on them.

Where can serial numbers be checked on a handgun?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean is it possible to find out who purchased a handgun or if the gun is registered by the serial number, the basic answer is, no. If you mean can you find information about the gun itself by the serial number, you can sometimes find information by contacting the manufacturer.

When was the Remington model 1903A3 with serial 4012969 made?

Do a Google search on 1903A3 serial numbers. You will find a number of sites that have the information.

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