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wot u do is u click on the little symbol at the top of the txt box then change it there then agin it might not work as i did it for a friend but then it would not do it for me so good luck

2006-08-11 14:40:08
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On piczo how do you get one of those page drop arrows which takes you to other pages?

its easy

What is a hit on Piczo?

Hit on Piczo is how many times your Piczo page was viewed, for example how many times each visitor viewed your pages. and "visits" on Piczo is how many different visitor has your site :)

How many pages can you have on piczo?

There is no limit, you can have as many as you want :)

What are some piczo passwords and usernames?

You cannot list or share User account names or passwords, or any personal information on WikiAnswers answer pages.

How do you find other people site on piczo?

You cannot search for people on piczo. Not a bad idea, actually, as this provides a lot of safety for kids on piczo.

Edit enter page on piczo?

You can only edit your enter page from the page editor where you get a drop down of your pages and in the organizer. You just can't access it via the piczo home page.

How can you delete a page on Piczo?

When your on it go to the little tab on the top that says organizer. Then go to pages. Click on one of the pages you want to delete (you will have to give a password)

How do you find out the HTML of your pages on piczo?

You save the webpage under File and then go onto note or wordpad and open it. Tada!

Is piczo for girls?

Of course it is, Piczo is for anyone

When was Piczo created?

Piczo was created in 2003.

How can you put an MP3 on a Piczo website?

If you go to the Piczo site click on piczo pros. It will give you a list of helping piczo sites where you wil find out.

Does Hilary Duff have a piczo site?

The answer is YES. Hilary told people magazine recently that is her piczo site. Piczo also let piczo know that it is her.

Media player for piczo?

media player for piczo?

What is Nick Jonas' piczo?

Nick Jonas does not have a piczo

Can you browse people on piczo?

No. There is no way to search for anyone on piczo.

Does vanessa hudgen have a piczo?

No,Vanessa don`t have a piczo.

Do you chat in piczo?

You can send messages to your friends on piczo. You can have a chatroom on your site, on CBOX, but that is not provided by piczo. Yoou can have guestbooks, shoutout boxes and comment boards! Piczo is a very safe, and you can have your privacy how you like it!

What sites are similar to piczo? is a LOT like piczo but easier

Are there any websites that are like piczo but that are not piczo?

Try Muzy and Instagram

How do you make piczo layouts?

Piczo layouts are normal layouts, so if you know how to make layouts then you know how to make piczo layouts. -simplym / Mhelper

What is Piczo?

Piczo technology allows users the ability to create comprehensive personal websites that do not require HTML code. Piczo websites function just like professional-looking websites and include a homepage and additional pages featuring photos, text, guestbooks, chat boxes, music, and more. + IT IS FREE. (you can improve your site by using HTML codes. Some sites have them ready made for you to use:D )

Can you upload music from LimeWire to Piczo?

yes you can... simply upload muzic from limeWire to Piczo

Does Ashley Tisdale have a piczo site?

Ashley Tisdale does not have piczo, but there are many convincing posers out there.

Does Selena Gomez have a piczo?

Selena's official piczo is It says in Twist Magazine

How do you add a theme to your piczo?

You can choose your Piczo page theme when you add new page.