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How Did Brandon Lee Die?

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January 12, 2013 5:02AM

Brandon Lee was accidentally shot in the spine during a filming accident.

During some earlier time, modified bullets were shot off from a gun as blanks. Unfortunately, they had been modified incorrectly, and the result was that a bullet became lodged in the barrel of the gun. The gun was then loaded with blanks, and used in the filming of a scene where Brandon was to be shot. The discharge of the blank propelled the stuck bullet and ended up hitting Brandon Lee, leading to his death.


He was shooting the first scene where 'Funboy's' gang were in their loft, and Michael (a.k.a. 'Funboy') aimed at a grocery sack which contained a fake blood pouch up against Brandon's stomach. Brandon clutched his stomach were the 'fake' gun had shot, twirled around, and slid down the wall. The directors, from what I hear, thought he was just mixing things up and joking. Once they said "Cut!", he didn't move. Eliza, I THINK, went over to him. His heart stopped beating, but an ambulance was called and they revived him. He was flown and taken to many places. His grave is next to Bruce's, originally where his mom was to be buried once she passed.

Also, the gun was fake, but it was improperly loaded. You see, the Weaponry guy, the guy who tells the characters how to use the weapons, didn't know Anything about guns. He took REAL bullets, cleaned the gun powder out, and put them back in. While they should have created a 'pop'-ing sound and exploded like, within a foot of the gun, there was just enough gun powder still left in the gun to make it strong enough to tear thru a grocery sack, Brandon's abs and a blood pouch.

Yeah. You could say I am obsessed

BRANDON LEE: February 1st, 1965-March 31, 1993
Brandon lee died of a accident during has film The Crow