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Imperialism led World War 1 because there was a struggle among the great powers for colonies. Both the Axis powers and the Allies wanted to spread and increase their influence.

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Explain what help lead to world war 1?

nationalism, militarism, imperialism and the alliance system

The events that lead to the outbreak of World War 1?

Secret alliances, militarism, imperialism and totalitarianism.

What is 1 of the major events that lead the us into world war 1?

M.A.I.N: Militarism,Alliances,Imperialism,and Nationalism

How did imperialism help lead to World War 1?

France and Germany were each seeking to control parts of Africa.

How did imperialism cause World War 1?


What were the four main ideas that lead to World War 1?

4 ideas, or themes which led to WW1 are: Imperialism Trade Greed Politics

Would Imperialism exist today if World War 1 and World War 2 never happened?

Yes, after WWII imperialism wasn't allowed

Imperialism and World War 1?

It was all over the place with War World 1! and they were being comitted to it as well

What brought the US in to world war 1?

nationalism and imperialism

What were the 2 causes of world war 1?

Imperialism and Nationalism

What does the i in main stand for in World War 1?

the "i" stands for imperialism

Why did world war 1 turn from being a European war to a world war?

that's a one word answer. imperialism.

What started World War 1 - Imperialism-Nationalism- Militarism or Expansionism?


How imperialism contributed to World War 1?

Imperialism made it a world war. The world-wide colonies spread the war to all corners of the globe and brought more and more cultures and people into the conflict.

What caused the outbreak World War 1 and World War 2?

WW1 Imperialism WW2 Fascism

How was the imperialism caused by World War 1?

Other way around. Imperialism caused World War I because of empires that streched their boundaries and the colonies in every corner of the globe that joined the war effort made it a World War.

What were three causes of World War 1?

militarism, nationalism and Imperialism.

What role did imperialism play in causing war world 1?


What are isms of World War 1?


What does imperialism mean in world war 1?

balls and ya mar

What was an issue that was primarily responsible for the start of World War 1?


Why do people blame imperialism for starting world war 1?


What are two important cause of World War 1?

nationalism & imperialism :)

What things led to World War 1?

Imperialism,nationalism and militarism

What nation favored imperialism in World War 1?

your mom is gey