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How Do I Turn Off The Honda CR-V Malfunction Light?

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Pull out the #9 fuse from the engine compartment's fuse box, the "Back-up" fuse. Leave it out for a few seconds and replace it. This will reset all of the codes in the car. This will also erase all radio presets. This will alse erase all "readiness" codes. Do not take your car for inspection after this reset for at least a few days of varied will fail inspection when the diagnostic computer is hooked up.

I have a 2002 Honda CRV and I pulled fuse #6 the ECU fuse...just look for it on the diagram on the lid of the fuse box..pull it for 30 seconds or so and put it back in and it will be off....worked for me. This stupid light comes on EVERY time my gas tank gets to about 1/4 of a tank and stays on for a while. I have had the gas cap replaced as it failed the typical emissions test that all 2002 models failed.

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How do you turn off the cruise main light in a Honda CRV?

press the cruise button on your steering wheel

Turn off engine maintenance required light in 2003 Honda CRV?

push the odometer button in, turn the key on, wait till the light goes out (could be a long time), turn the key off.

98 Honda CRV instrument panel brake light comes on while braking?

Indicates a braking system malfunction! Problem with the master cylinder - or - the ABS pump is not operating. Have it checked out right away.

What is the towing capacity of a 2002 Honda crv?

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What is a Honda 2005 triangle with exclamation dash light?

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How do you change front signal light bulb on 1999 Honda CRV?

To change the front signal light bulb on the 1999 Honda CRV, pry up the fender fastener to expose the bulb socket. Twist the bulb socket 90 degrees and remove from the assembly. Turn the burnt bulb counterclockwise and pull out. Replace with new bulb.

Is the fuse on a Honda crv 1999 the same for tail light as sidelight?

No, they are on seperate circuits.

How do you know when the VSA is on or off for the Honda 2009 crv?

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What causes a Honda CRV RDI 1996 to overheat?

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need to remove cd on my honda crv?

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Why does your drive light turn on and off on your crv Honda 2002?

It is a warning that the vehicle's computer senses something wrong with your transmission. Have it looked at immediately or it could cost you BIG bucks.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch located in the 2008 Honda crv?

There is no such reset button on your Honda CRV.

Is the windshield washer pump replacement on a 2006 Honda crv the same as on a 2005 Honda crv?


2003 Honda CRV your interior light does not come on when opening driverside door is this a fuse?


How do you reset check engine light for 2007 Honda crv?

You reset it with an OBD2 scan tool.

What is the screw size for light bulb lock a Honda 2000 CRV?

Don't understand what is meant by "light bulb lock."

My Honda crv cranks but wont turn over. the spark plugs are not getting spark?

If your Honda CRV cranks but won't turn over because the spark plugs are not getting spark, ensure the wires are connected. A loose spark plug wire can cause this issue.

Will rancho front struts for a Honda crv fit my Honda pilot?

No, the CRV strut doesn't fit a Honda Pilot, they are a different part#.

How much is it for a 2011 used Honda Crv?

One should expect anywhere between $15,000 to $19,000 for a used 2011 Honda CRV. One can purchase a 2011 Honda CRV at a used car dealer or at a Honda dealer.

How do you change the rear differential fluid on a 2005 Honda crv?

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Does the 2008 Honda crv use a timing belt or chain?

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When did Honda start making the crv?

The first Honda CRV was produced in 1995 but it was not sold in the U.S. until 1997.

How do you turn off the mainteinance required light on a 2005 CRV?

1. you can get it fixed 2.Break the light.

Following a battery exchange on your 2000 Honda CRV the SRS indicator light constantly is lit How can you turn it off?

Very helpful site. It will tell you exactly how to reset the SRS light.

Replace rear hub and bearing 1999 Honda crv?

how hard is it to replace a rear wheel bearing 1999 Honda crv. this crv does not have rear axle's in it. thank you