How Do You Get Free Membership on Poptropica without paying?


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I dont think it is possible to get a free membership in Poptropica, if you want one you will need to buy one or find a code on a secret website.


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Here are some virtual free websites that you don't have to pay for: millsberry poptropica americangirl You can also do quite a lot of activities on stardoll without paying for a full membership TRUE

you can get membership BY PAYING or PAYING BY SC COINS that is how you get free realms membership!

No, you cannot get a poptropica membership for free. It is a paid monthly service.

There is no way to get a free membership on Club Penguin without hacking. (I do not recommend hacking because if you do Club Penguin will ban you.)

There is no way to have paid monthly membership without an adult registration of a credit card for the cost involved, or by using a prepaid Poptropica gift card.

Yes there is a series of games you can play to get free poptropica membership from funbrain

You cannot buy a Poptropica membership for free, unless you have a promotion code that specifically says that it makes membership, which I do not think are very common.

You can't get free membership but at the store sometimes they have free stuff :)

you have to buy membership for poptropica.

hey people you can get free membership by being level 15 and up NO U CANT!!!! NO U CANT!!!! STUPID! how?

Nope, you will need to pay for it. Asking how to get a membership for free on wizard101 is like asking how to legally buy something without paying a cent for it.

There is NO WAY of getting a membership without paying trust me

You can't because if you can, JaGex wouldn't make money.

Poptropica membership is a membership that you can use to get items from the poptropica store all for free. And, not only that, um ... get early access pass to all islands. :) Your welcome.

There is a free Basic Membership that you can get without paying. If you tried to get a paid Moshi Membership without paying, you would not receive the activation email that allows you to start playing Moshi Monsters and you would not be able to sign in.

No, but your membership will cotinue if you get membership, you have to keep on paying

No, monthly membership is a paid service. You do not need a membership to play on the site.

yes because sometimes stardoll staff gives you free days but if your talking about full membership then no

Yes, you can get a free Basic Membership, however, Basic Members can not do all the things that paid Moshi Members can do.

you can't sorry the only way would be to ask for one would be as a gift but then your still paying for it. another way would be if there was a contest but other than that you have to pay for a membership.

No, Poptropica is free. However Poptropica Membership is paid. Poptropica Membership simply means new islands are open before anyone else.

the only way to get free costumes on poptropica is to buy a membership. then they give you unlimited costumes, but if u lose your membership, they go away

you get membership and buy it in the store for free. or go and find an account with membership or with a follower

RuneScape membership are extra privileges for paying members.

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