How Do You Tell Someone You fancy them without speaking?

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Kiss them...
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How do you tell someone that you speak four languages?

You just say - "I speak four languages" ...? It would be good if you use the one the other person speaks and understands. _________ You DO see the wonderful irony in your question... right? ______________ Try to work it into the conversation gradually. Wait until the person brings up a to ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if someone fancies you?

boys- Boys will tend to try to come across as hard and streetwise when around you, they might even bully you and tease you! Its strange, but true because they recon someone will find them out if they don't act like they hate you sometimes! Girls-girls will try to talk to you as much as possible a ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone you fancy them?

If you want to tell someone you fancy them the my advise would be to engage them in a conversation then just randomely come out with "I Fancy You" when someone tell another person that they fancy them it can freak them out a bit so dont be too offended if they feel awkward talking to you for a few ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone you love them without saying?

The truth is there is no better way to show someone how much you love them then maning, (or womaning) up and telling them. However, doing little things to show how much you love or appreciate them would probalbly help. Getting to know that person, and finding out just what makes that person 'tick' w ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone of the same gender that you fancy them?

To tell someone of the same gender that you fancy them, you shouldjust be honest. However, do it in a way that will not cause theother person to feel uncomfortable. Just state your feelings, andlet the person know that you understand they may not feel the sameway but you just wanted to be honest.

You fancy someone but think they fancy someone else so how do you tell them that you fancy them?

Say that their fat and is a big fat lump of poo! Jokes! dont ever say that! Well i would do it on facebook or something because then its not that scary or something. Make sure thought you dont get thosde akward silences and try to talk about stuff she likes. Try to find out her intrests by talking ( Full Answer )

How do you tell if someone fancys you?

Well most of the time they will leave certain hints like holding your hand of laughing when you say something even when it is not funny..........Then sometimes they will come straight out and say it then you should tell them how you feel or if you feel anything...

What do you do when someone fancies you?

Usually I turn bright red and stutter. The best thing to do is smile and talk to them Unless you don't want anything to do with them, them DO NOT make eye contact, DO NOT smile, Avoid speaking to them If you do not fancy them and they are trying to urge you closer, tell them sternly that you ( Full Answer )

How do you get someone to tell you who they are over the phone without raising suspicion?

Answer . Anyone that phones you and won't identify themselves is very strange. They are either being silly and playing head games or harassing you. You didn't say if this was a good or bad thing. If you don't have 'call display' where it will give you a phone number or name or both, then get one. ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone that you fancy them?

Well you should just sit down with him/her or do something and tell him/her. Or I think the easier way how to do it if your shy of him/her just write him/her a note telling him/her.. Just ask him/her OUT!

If you fancy someone how can you tell if they fancy you too?

You will definetly know if someone "fancies" you. They will be around you a lot and make an effort to be around where you are at social gatherings. If they have enough courage they will ask for your number or give you thiers. If you have enough courage ask them or tell them where you will be next be ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you fancy someone but do not know if they fancy you?

You should tell them how you feel about them in the most comfortable way for you, and if they feel the same way, then you can decide between you whether to give things a go. If he doesn't, you should be friends and see how things progress. but im a different person and if ur in high school then get ( Full Answer )

How do you get someone to fancy you?

Be yourself and don't try to be something you're not. It gets tiring to pretend. Don't try to force things - if it's going to happen, it will happen. Forcing things will generally result in tears

How do you tell the girl you fancy that you fancy her?

Keep giving him/her smiles and complements. Don't give too many: give about 2 hints each day. Soon start talking to him/her about a hobbie your crush is in to. After a while pass him/her that you fancy them.

What do you do if someone fancies you?

Well if you do not fancy them but they fancy you, you should say "I want to be your friend but I am not ready to go out with someone at the moment". and if you do fancy them, try and get to know them, then see what happens!!:D

How can you tell when you fancy someone?

When you fancy someone you usually get a weird feeling when your around them and you also want to see them as often as you can Sometimes people fancy someone who isn't that attractive but thy fall for them because of their personality

How do you tell you fancy someone?

your vagina or penus gets tingly or you become more self consous of youself because to have dreams of sexing them(thats what happened to me but i woke and i was sexing my teddy)

How do you get someone to tell you who they fancy?

Unfortunately, you can't make anyone tell you who they like. If you're friends with them they may eventually tell you if they trust you. If it's someone from the opposite gender and you're not that close, then they either really don't want you to know as they don't know you too well and don't know i ( Full Answer )

How can I tell if the boy I fancy fancys me too?

Well, if you really want to know, you can get a friend to ask, but make sure they don't say that you really want to know. Try getting your friend to say this: "do you fancy ......?" or "do you like .................?" It works, trust me!. I would but none of my friends actually know him coz ( Full Answer )

What if you fancy someone but they don't fancy you?

If you like some one but they dont like you be funny around them and get closer to them day by day slowly.if they still dont like you then give up and find someone hotter.BYE!!!

How do you tell someone that you are not into them without hurting their feelings?

As you can probably tell, the person is in to you. So the first step is to politely say "I'm not interested in having a relationship right this moment" or you could say "I'm not interested in you, please if you could stop contacting me, it would be greatly appreciated. If your not interested in be ( Full Answer )

If you are so concerned about someone but you dont feel that you cant live without that person but that person see you or when he speaks to you you feel excited tell me what would the relation?

It could just be that you are not in love with that person but you love them if that makes any sense. And if you love someone then you know you is just one of those things. I suggest you look into what is this relationship you have with this person and what you hope it to be.

How can you tell if your friend fancies someone?

when you say fancies someone does that mean like someone? well if that what it means then your friend likes a guy. you will know because she wants to be with him more then she does with you(mabey). she will probaly talk bout the guy when she is over your house, or at sleepovers. and if it's a girl t ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone you like them without words?

By either texting them, telling someone to tell them for you, give them a red rose with a note saying you love the person, just handing them a note, or kissing them. It's up to you. Or just if you decide to tell them with words just call them or tell them in person.

How do you know if someone is gay without them telling you?

basically, you can tell if they're gay or not just by: 1) Seeing if they are looking at you every time you turn your head away from where they are standing. 2) They look directly at you into your eyes whenever they talk or stare at you whenever they really want someone they like. 3) They will also t ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone you like them without saying it?

Well, you never can. But you can surely make the person feel that you care about him/her by your actions. Sooner or later the person will feel like you are more than just a friend (or an enemy :P). It all depends on how you act.

How do you tell someone your psychic without upsetting them?

First, understand that you are NOT psychic, as no such thing exists (or will ever be accepted as existing until such is proved repeatedly in controlled experiments). If you think you are capable of psychically receiving messages or information, then know this: your brain has a handy way of taking bi ( Full Answer )

Can someone do without telling lies?

Nope! That's impossible! Because no matter how much you try to stop lying you always end up back in the beginning. For example: Cain (Abel's brother), when God asked him where his brother was- he said he didn't know but he did because he killed him, On the other hand: Jesus never lied either. He alw ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if someone is hacking in FEARCombat without punkbuster?

Usually someone is definitely Hacking the system when they have 'overkill'.. For example... If you have around 20 kills, and they have around 100; it's pretty obvious they are using a cheat. Punk Buster is no longer available for FEAR Combat because FEAR stopped using Punk Buster. (It cost companies ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone off without swearing?

Well, as a person who has never used swearing to express myself, I find 'telling off' someone quite easy. It's the emotion (anger, frustration) that gets in your way. Pace yourself (use the old 'count to ten' if you must); take a few seconds to think about what went wrong in the interaction (not eas ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if you have a soft spot for someone or if you fancy them?

If you have a soft spot for someone I would say it's more serious than a crush or that you fancy them. If you have a soft spot for someone try looking out for that one person in your dreams. I don't know why I just always think that if it's real and not just a little thing it will happen in your dre ( Full Answer )

What do you do to tell someone you like them without actually telling them?

Spend time with them and if you'd like you can write them a letter. The best thing to do is to be a little flirty, but at the same time be kind, sympathetic, etc., and especially towards him so he knows that he means something more special to you. This doesn't mean being horrible to everyone else, ( Full Answer )