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I have a Grand Marquis GS,it had no Amp installed.I bought a new JVC stereo that was on display for next to nothing,allthough it took some time,and i had to but a new harness to fit the stereo.But if you don`t have the time or know how i would but a stereo and if you have a Best Buy near you have them install it for you for around $50.00 plus the harness at $20.00.Good Luck. I just went through the same thing the factory amp input signal operates at a lower level than normal radios so if you bypass the amp you could destroy the factory speakers, so you have a decison to replace all the speakers with the special wiring harness, or buy the PAC-2 from in which lowers the the signal of the aftermarket radio to work with the factory amp & speakers. Please note it is still going sound the same because you will be still using the factory set up. I just did it to my 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis and it works fine.

2008-06-27 02:17:02
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