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probably just like anything else... remove tire, caliper, rotor, castle nut, remove the bolts from the mounting bracket, slide the hub assembly off the end of the shaft and yank it out of the side of the transmission... there may be a retainer clip on the end of the CV that slides into the transmission... so you might have to really tug on it to pop it out.. stick the new one in... pop the hub back on and push it back up into the mounting bracket, you might have to pry on the holes with a screw driver to line it up (since you left the ball joint attached: you have to lift the control arm manually), pop in the bolts, tighten... castle nut... rotors, calipers wheel, lugs, cheesy wheel cover you bought at autozone and you are in business

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Q: How Do you replace the half shaft on a 93 Eclipse?
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