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== == There are alot of different theories behind it. They're could be a trap door on the side of the casket so Taker can get under the ring, or there was a trap door @ the bottom of the casket so he could hide underneath the elevated part of the entrance way when they roll it up there. Those are just a few of them.

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How does the undertaker escape the 2005 no mercy casket match between Randy Orton and cowboy bob orton?

i think that undertaker got out of the caket when they were burning the casket, because they moved the casket to a certain spot near the stage.

How did undertaker escape from a casket when Kane set it on fire?

There would have been a trap door.

How the undertaker survaid then he was in a casket on fire?

fire proof casket.

Who won the casket match big show or the undertaker?


When has Randy Orton beaten The Undertaker?

Randy Orton beat the Undertaker sometime in 2005 or 2006 in a casket match he threw him in and burnt the casket.

Who has beaten undertaker in a casket match?


Who won the casket match hbk or undertaker?

Sadly, the Undertaker won against HBK.

How many casket matches has the undertaker been in?

Altogether, there have been 19 casket matches in WWE history. The Undertaker has featured in all but 3, losing 5 of them.

Where can you find a Undertaker casket match playset?


How did the Undertaker survive being burned by Randy Orton in the casket match?

He survived cuz the casket is FIRE PROOF!!!Answerthe casket got chopped up so the fire got inside too but there's this thing called a trap door and what it does is it is hidden in the floor and when the casket is over it, the undertaker can sneak out... that's why you don't see the wheels of the casket...

Why is the Undertaker still alive when he gets burned?

when the casket was by the ring there was a trap door underneath.undertaker escapes at that point.people just thought he was in the casket

Who carries the casket?

for undertaker ,some druids, like ppl who r demons or somethng

Is undertaker of WWE is dead?

no he is not dead, he was in the casket at summerslam 2010 and got tombstoned by kane.

Has the undertaker ever lost a casket match?

Undertaker has lost a casket match because he lost one to YokozunaNo he hasent. He has won all of themyes he has lost to randy orton and was somehow killed and randy orton was named the legend killer

Did rey mysterio beat Kane at summerslam?

no, but as Kane open the casket to put Rey in the undertaker was in it, and the undertaker try to get back at Kane that didn't work out

Is the Undertaker retired if so when was his last match?

The Undertaker Is Not Retired There is a storyline that he is dead.... and his last match was against masked kane in 2011 it was a casket match and the casket was burnt but he is coming as a shock return when its the royal rumble and hes winning it Sincerly-Ronin

Did anyone ever pick up yokosuna of the WWE?

yes undertaker in a casket match to do a chokeslam

What happened in the match with the Undertaker and the Ortans at the last Main Event?

Undertaker lost and the Ortons: nailed the casket down, poured gas on it, and set it on fire! Although, the casket was later opened, and Undertaker wasn't in it. Undertaker is coming back someday, his contract last until June or July of 2007, and how can you kill a "Deadman?!" You can't kill something that's already dead! Hey Otrons RIP!

How undertaker managed to fight with undertaker?

In 1993, the Undertaker was 'buried' in a Casket match. In 1994, a second "Undertaker" (Played by Brian Lee, instead of Mark Calaway) was introduced by Ted DiBiase (Sr.), prompting the return of the Undertaker. The infamous fight to which you are referring occurred at SummerSlam 1994, with the 'real' (Calaway) Undertaker defeating the 'fake' (Lee) Undertaker.

where can i get a nice but not so expecive, casket?

You can get much cheaper caskets if you actually order them online and have them shipped to your undertaker.

WWE-Why did the Undertaker Disappear in 1999?

He "died" we he lost to yokozuna in a casket match

Why undertaker called a deadman?

he's called the deadman because after Kane's debut the undertaker was in a casket match that Kane made him lose and the undertaker's soul went up to heaven

Is under taker died and this undertaker is fake?

No,the undertaker still is alive to this day he had ascaped when randy orton burned the casket with the Undertaker in it the was no bottom for the casket so Undertaker escaped so no undertaker did not die he is alive to this day.and anouther thing smackdown is not a killing show it is all fake!!!!!!!! **Although the wrestling may be all practiced or acted out for our entertainment, these wrestlers have to be in excellent shape to do this kind of work. They are pros and they do know how to wrestle. I give them a big thumbs up for being there to entertain us.

Will undertaker be on Smackdown vs Raw 2012 game?

will there be a casket match on smackdown vs raw 2012 the game

Is undertaker really dying?

undertaker isn't dying hes just injured and the real person who did that to the undertaker is his own brother Kane who you will find out soon when the undertaker returns and confronts Kane at a paper view where Kane faces rey myesterio in a casket match but sadly undertaker gets tombstone and out powered by Kane :(

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