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An operating system loads via the memory of a computer. The specific area that gets the operating system to load is called the boot loader.

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Why should i load the operating system first than the software application?

Without the Operating System you cant LOAD any software. There would be No directories for the "named Software" to reside on.

What would the bootstrap program need to do?

The bootstrap program should automatically load the operating system after a power outage or reset. The operating system would then load the remaining software.

Can Alcohol 120 used to boot a computer?

No. Alcohol 120% requires an operating system to run on, and it is all but impossible to directly load an operating system from another running one these days. You will either need to use a virtual machine to run the operating system in a simulated environment on top of an already existing operating system, or use another method to load the operating system.

What is a mobile operating system?

A mobile operating system is an operating system (the most basic instructions to allow a device to load software and control hardware) specifically for mobile devices.

Is it hard to load operating systems software?

It is not hard to load operating systems software but first you must make sure the old operating system has been removed then use the software discs you have to being loading the new system.

What happens when MBR fails?

When MBR fails then the operating system will not load.

Why does an operating system need special bootstrapping procedure?

Most programs are loaded by the operating system. The operating system obviously can't be used to load itself when it hasn't been loaded yet, so a special "bootstrap" program is used that provides just enough functionality to load and start the operating system. This sounds like an infinite recursion, but it's not: the bootstrap program is simple enough that very basic routines in the ROM can be used to load it.

What Mac operating system do you need to install mods in Minecraft?

any will load mods onto minecraft but the better operating system the more mods you can have

Windows 2000XP calls what files critical to a successful operating system load the?

system state data

How do you load CD on a mac?

Pop it in the CD drive, wait for the operating system to load it. Easy! (Very similar to windows)

What is GRUB?

GRUB is the bootloader for Linux operating systems. The bootloader is the section of code on the hard disk drive that is called and executed at bootup. It will load the operating system components and programs and start the operating system.

What allows a computer to locate and load an operating system when it is first powered on?

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)

Can you load an operating system in a hard drive that has not been formatted?

No. Operating systems need the system to be formatted / partitioned in order to properly arrange and store their data on the disk.

CMOS contains the instructions that tell the computer how to load the operating system?

Ummm.... Yes?

What is load time in operating system?

How long it takes after you turn the computer on to be able to use it.

How long does it take for BlueStacks to load?

It varies from computer to computer, as well as operating system.

What is work of bios in computer system?

it load the operating system in computer system it perform a power on it self it activate the bios chip

Which partitions are the only type of basic disk partitions designed to store files that are used to load an operating system?

Primary partitions are the only type of basic disk partitions designed tostore fi les that are used to load an operating system

How do you refer to a collection of software that allow a computer to function?

The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.

What would users have to do to load and execute a program without an operating system?

You would either have to write your own loader or have the program compiled in such a way that it can load and map directly into memory (not an easy task in either case). Then again, the program you are loading without an operating system would not be able to use any of the operating system resources (it couldn't depend on them being there).

Can you load Microsoft Project 98 onto computer with windows 7 operating system?


Why is it necessary to load operating system software in every computer?

This is because if you do not have it, your computer cannot work.

Microsoft Vista is an application that you load onto your PC after an operating system has already been installed?

no, vista is an operating system, you can upgrade older versions to vista but it is a version of windows OS

Can you install an operating system on a USB Flash drive?

There is no reason you cannot load an operating system on a flash drive. However, getting the computer to recognize the flash drive and boot from it could be an issue.

When a user starts a computer portions of the operating system load into the computers hard disk from memory?