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lady bugs live from 1-5 months.

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Can you have a pet lady bug?

You can if you want to. But it won't live long.

How long will a lady bug live?

Ladybugs live one through two years.

How long a lady bug live?

Around 2-3 years.

What is an average life spand of a lady bug?

A lady bug can live for 2 to 3 years.

Were does a lady bug live?

In plants, dirt, and grass

How long does a ladybug live without food?

up to 8 weeks i had a lady bug and she lived for 2 months

Do ladybugs live in Asia?

yes i think that lady bug live in A sia

How long is the lady bug in the larva stage?

in about a week

How old can a lady bug live up to?

1 to 2 months

What group of insect is lady bug?

a lady bug is a insect

Which is bigger a lady bug or a worm?

a lady bug is bigger

How do you care for your lady bug?

im real sorry but.......... lady bugs live outside and should not be kept as pets

How long does it take to shade in a lady bug tattoo?

depends on how big it is.

How long does it take to hatch lady bug eggs?

30 days

How many wings does a lady bug have?

2 wings a lady bug has

What is a lady bird a bug or an insect?

A lady bird is the british version of a lady bug, it is an Insect.

What is the difference between pumpkin bug and lady bug?

There is no difference, a pumpkin bug is referred to a lady bug that is an orange colour. Lady bugs change colour throughout their lives.

How do you care for a lady bug?

Lady bugs are not pets.So if you have one let it go let it live and roam free.

How long do bed bug live?


Another name for a lady bug?

Lady beetle. It's not technically a "bug."

Can a lady bug kill humans?

No it is not impossible for a lady bug to kill a human.

What is the spiritual meaning of a lady bug?

what is the meaning of a lady bug in the spiritual world

How many jointed legs does a lady bug have?

a lady bug has 6 legs.

How long does a ladybug live inside with only leaves to eat?

A lady bug with only leaves to eat will die of starvation within a few days, because lady bugs only eat aphids.

How long does it take lady bug eggs to hatch?

it will take them 5 min