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Q: How Many players from Ohio State University are currently active in the NFL?
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Which university has most active in NFL players?

The University of Miami, followed by Florida State University have the most active players in the NFL

Active NFL players from Ohio State that have been to the pro bowl?

what players currently in the NFL came from Ohio state

How many active nfl players does Mississippi state university have?


How many players from Michigan State University are currently in the NFL?


How many former Florida state university players are currently in the nfl?


What state has the most NFL players?

Texas is the State that has sent the most players to the NFL. 2,198 football players have come from the Lone Star State (Thru the 2013 season). Currently California is the State with the highest number of active players, with 239 Californians currently playing in the NFL.

How many fsu players are currently in the nfl?

There are 51 players that are currently in the NFL that graduated from Florida State University. Their quarterback James Winston is likely to go high in the 2015 draft.

How many active NFL players does Louisiana State University have?

According to, LSU has 36 players on NFL rosters at the start of the 2007 season.

The state of volcanoes not currently active is?

Texas has no active volcano.

Who are the Ohio state players currently playing in the NFL?

hello. this link will give you every Ohio state player that has ever played in the nfl.

Who has more NFL players Ohio state university or lsu?

Ohio state university

What state has the most NFL players currently?


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