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MIA hamm has scored 250 over her last season!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to, Mia Hamm had scored 158 goals in international play when she retired in 2004.

Mia Hamm scored 158 goals in her international career.

Mia Hamm has the record for most goals scored-men or women- at 158

Mia Hamm scored 103 goals in college and 158 professional goals.

on the last game of the season mia hamm played against china and scored the winning goal

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Yes Mia Hamm is the best woman's soccer layer in the nation! she scored the most international goals than man or woman.

i know that Mia Hamm broke the record but I'm not sure if she still holds it

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Mia Hamm has had a very accomplished soccer career. She has scored more international goals than any other player in the world, male or female. In addition, she was named FIFA World Player of the Year in 2001 and 2002.

On the men's side it's Landon Donovan. He has scored 37 goals for the US men's national soccer team.The top scorer for the US women's team is Mia Hamm who scored 158 goals in her international career.

I dont know for sure why she picked it but im thinking because of she scored 9 goals before she was picked

hard to say, she did retire with most goals ever scored for a international team though, 158 goals in 275 matches.

Mia Hamm is a famous soccer player that went to the Olympics and brought home gold. She scored more points than any soccer player male or female until she was outscored by Mary Abigail Wambach, andChristine Margaret Sinclair.

Mia Hamm accomplished so much in her career as a pro soccer player. She won countless awards in college when she went to North Carolina and played for the Tar Heels. Mia was in 4 World Cups, in which she and the team won in 1991. She played in 3 different Olympics, which she and the National Team won once. Also, Mia Hamm has a record of the most goals scored by one player on the U.S. National Team.

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Yes, in international competition she scored 158 goals which is more than any female OR male in history.

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Mia Hamm never legally changed her name from Mariel to Mia. Mia is just a nickname, that everyone calls her by.

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