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Albania is a small country in Europe. This nation does not often make headline news but certainly people in Europe are aware of Albania.

In mountainous regions, erosion by streams often produces

As with any country really, not just Russia:- people do not live often in areas that are likely to flood- people do not often live in mountainous areas- people will often avoid living close to potential hazards such as fault lines and volcanoes.

They often do, but they can also form over hilly and even mountainous terrain.

Some people find their is often below their knees. Or at least it seems so since they always have their feet in their mouths. The location of the mouth is on the front of the head.

People without permanent address and move location saesonally or annually are often referred to as Nomadic people.

Albania is a country in the southeast of the continent of Europe in an area often called the Balkan peninsula or just the Balkans.

A location on a line is often called a point, or a place on the line.

Ambience is the mood set in a particular location and situation, often influenced by lighting, music, people, environment, food and comfort.

Many people often wonder where the Celebrex commercial with the woman swimming was filmed. The corporate offices, however, refuse to reveal the information about the top secret location.

tourists are drawn to the beauty subduction zones are often in good location for seaports

Because air is forced to rise in mountainous areas, which forces it to cool to its dewpoint and condense out as fog.

Mountainous terrain is mostly hard to settle on due to the lack of resources and land for farming etc. needed to seed a population. In addition, transport is often difficult, so a lack of inward migration, jobs and trade and just a few factors.

they usually live in the mountainous areas of Ukraine where there they roam and eat bamboo, they often live off their own fecies

The best way to tell if a London or any accommodation is safe is by reading the reviews that users post about the location. Often if the location is troubled people will say it numerous times.

Physical location is the exact location of something. This is often described or found by using one of grids.

The Yowie is reputed to live in Australia, specifically in the dense (and often mountainous or hilly) bushland of southern Queensland. Apparently they prefer dry bushland to rainforest.

The prefix "ex-" means former; thus "ex-king Zog of Albania" means the person who used to be the king of Albania but isn't any more. The prefix is often used for former spouses or other intimate friends, so people frequently talk about ex-wives, ex-husbands, ex-partners, ex-boyfriends and so on. This is so common that people will simply use the prefix and say things like "No, the children are with my Ex this weekend" meaning ex-spouse.

The positioning of a mall is often very strategic. It is often placed in a central location where many communities can access it.

Gemstones often symbolize important events such as engagements or marriage. Some people also believe they have healing powers or influence over the mood of any location.

There may be some disagreement as to this location, however the Mississippi is often suggested as the true location

It depends on the location and area that the store's located in.

The eating location (often a retail service line) is a "cafeteria".

Usually 2 times a day depending on the location.

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