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dna has coded instructions for msking proteins, rna translatres the code.

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Q: How RNA and DNA used to make proteins?
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How are rna and dna used to make proteins-?

RNA and DNA are used to make proteins whereby RNA translates the genetic code of DNA to make proteins.

What sugear distinguishes RNA from DNA?

how are RNA and DNA used to make proteins

Are DNA and RNA both involved when cells make proteins?

Yes. DNA codes for RNA, which is used to make proteins.

How are DNA and RNA used to make proteins?

DNA & RNA are used in making proteins during transcription and translation reactions .

How are RNA and DNA used to make proteins?

DNA has coded instructions for making proteins, and RNA translates the code.

How aer RNA and DNA used to make proteins?


What other molecules are needed for DNA to make proteins?

In addition to DNA, messenger RNA, ribosomal RNA, and transfer RNA are needed to make proteins.

What are the roles of RNA and DNA?

RNA is used for transport of proteins, DNA is the blue prints for your cells and your body; or it helps make you.

Which statement best illustrates the function of RNA in relation to DNA and proteins?

Proteins make RNA, which then creates DNA.

What is the relationship between DNA RNA and proteins?

DNA makes RNA, and RNA makes proteins

Does a gene control the production of proteins?

Yes, DNA is transcribed into RNA and that RNA is used as a blueprint for proteins

How are DNA RNA and proteins related?

DNA is used as a template to synthesize RNA which helps bring the correct amino acids to synthesize proteins.

DNA and RNA are carbohydrates?

No,DNA and RNA are proteins.

Why do we need both DNA and RNA?

DNA has the code to make proteins but it can't send that code to the site where the proteins are made (ribosomes) without RNA.

How does DNA function in a living cell?

DNA replicates itself into RNA which makes proteins DNA> RNA>proteins

What does DNA do in cells?

DNA is used to reproduce and repair cells. I think either DNA or RNA makes proteins (I know RNA does)

How is DNA related to proteins?

Proteins or amino acid are translated to RNA and RNA are transcripted to DNA.

How do you put RNA in a sentence?

A molecule that works together with DNA to make proteins is RNA

Which statement best describes the relationship among proteins DNA and RNA?

DNA makes RNA, and RNA makes proteins.

DNA translates the information in RNA to make proteins?


What does DNA have to do with proteins?

DNA is the instructions for making proteins through the medium of RNA. DNA -> RNA -> proteins The central dogma of molecular cell biology.

What does DNA and RNA ultimately construct?

DNA is transcribed into RNA which is translated into proteins. Only a small percentage of DNA and RNA become proteins. Some of the time the process stops after DNA is transcribed into RNA.

What is a part of the central dogma?

The general flow and direction of Genetic Data: DNA --> RNA --> Proteins.DNA produces more DNA through replicationDNA used as template for transcription of RNARNA directs synthesis of proteins through translation

DNA is copied by what to make proteins?

RNA - Ribo-Nucleic Acid

Does RNA translate genes into proteins?

Yes; DNA makes RNA, & RNA makes polypeptides (proteins)