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1st become an assistant to a photographer

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Q: How To Become A Photographer?
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Related questions

What are the requirments to become a photographer?

just have the will to become a photographer

What courses are needed to become a photographer?

You can major in photography or photojournalism in order to get a degree to become a photographer for a newspaper or magazine, become a freelance photographer, or many other professions in photography, but you can be a freelance photographer if you have a lot of talent and develop your skill without a degree.

How can one become a photographer for an advertising agency?

There are many ways one can become a photographer for an advertising agency. To become a photographer for an advertising agency, one must get a degree in photography and then build a portfolio of work.

How educated do you have to be to become a professional photographer?

You do not necessarily have to be very educated to become a professional photographer. You just have to do good work.

What city should you move to in order to become a photographer?

You can be a photographer anywhere. =]

What are some tasks to become a photographer?

There are many tasks that must be followed to become a photographer. You need to buy a camera for example.

What kind of education does one need to become a photographer?

No formal education is necessary to become a photographer. It can be helpful to take a few courses to help become familiar with the equipment that can be the most helpful. However, there are many online resources that one can consult to become a successful photographer.

How many years are required to become a photographer?

None. You just have to have a love for taking shots, and have a talent for it if you want to become a professional photographer.

Do you need schooling to become a photographer?

you need to have schooling to become a photographer because nobody would want to hired you if you dont have no expirence in photography

What is the amount of training required from a beginier to become a photographer?

whats the amount of training required to be a photographer?

How many years of study is needed to become a photographer?

yes you do need college to become a photographer many years, but that is not a bad thing because its worth it every minute

In which profession has Dewitt Jones become famous?

Dewitt Jones has become famous as a photographer. He works as a photographer for National Geographic and has published a number of books showcasing his pictures.

What do I need to do to become a professional photographer?

There are many different paths one may take to become a photographer. You can learn the craft yourself, and attend workshops, or you can attend college.

What is the Amount of training to become a fashion Photographer?

there is no specific training for a fashion photographer. When you go to college you have to major in (i think) commercial photography. Then after that you will make yourself into a fashion photographer.

Is rappelling needed to become a wildlife photographer?

No, but it helps.

What coursed do you take to become a photographer?

The cruddy ones

What skills are required to become a photographer?

i have the same Q ;/

How many years do you have to study to become a photographer?


What qualifications do you need to become a photographer?

none at all

What subjects are needed to become a professional photographer?


Do you need a diploma to be a photographer?

no you do not need a diploma to become a photographer, you just have to learn how to work the camera and the lights and everything else that is in photography

How do you become a photograher?

There are several routes to becoming a photographer. You can go to school and get a degree in art specializing in photography. You can study under a photographer, or you can study and practice on your own. Photographer are judged by their work, not their degree.

Why did Ansel Adams quit piano and become a photographer?

I have no clue

What qualifications are needed to be a product photographer?

To become a product photographer, there are no set academic qualifications that needs to be achieved. However, one should have a large portfolio of work to show potential clients to show the skills of the photographer.

What type of personality is needed to become a photographer?

You need to be persuasive, determined, energetic, kind, and outgoing. These are the MAIN types to becoming a good AND professional photographer.