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Go To This Website It Uses Google Freind Connect,

(make sure you put https:// NOT http:// or it wont work)

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Q: How To Chat To People Over The Internet In School?
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What is the most popular chat on the internet?

It is "XAT" chat! Over 5 billion people to talk to!I reckon it is Facebook

What is the ability of two or more people to chat over the Internet in real time?

instant messaging

What is the use of a chat program?

A chat program allows you to talk to others over the internet. It allows for swift communication, possibly to multiple parties. In many chat programs you can be anonymous or meet people from across the globe.

Are there chat dating rooms on the internet?

Dating chat rooms are all over the internet. The best thing to do is to do a search and you're sure to get a list of many sites that have a dating chat room. Good luck!

Can you chat with minors over the internet?

No because that is very very wrong you perv.

What if you like a girl over the internet and she s far away?

Chat with her daily and also do a video chat via webcam to see her.

What are problems that a person might encounter in a chat room?

An online chat may refer to any kind of communication over the Internet

Where can one find a Terra Chat?

A terra chat can be found all over the internet on many websites throughout the world wide web. The best, most popular, and most trusted place to find a terra chat on the internet would be the terra chat website.

Could You find a game where you chat wit other people all over the world an live in house an do work is there a game like that?

If you want to find a chit chat thing on the internet go to google and put chat with people that should help you on the internet. If you want to see people in their rooms and all that then buy a web cam and ask one of your firends to get one and hook it up on your computer and your friend does the same thing and then you two can chat to each other i hope this works for you.

Can you list save chat rooms for 12 year old that you chat 3d chat?

well,you can chat to people on stardoll and do a suite chat that looks like it is in 3d,but for people that is 13 and over can go on IMVU

What is Internet chat?

Internet chat can be several things: You can chat through email, or in one of the many "chat rooms". You can also have an internet chat on a message blog (a web log), or through instant messaging. My personal favorite is on the WikiAnswer message boards, discussing questions and answers that people post. when you chat on the internet.(IM) Join and enjoy live audio video chat in addition to text chat...

Where can a person go to find a listing of popular chats?

There are various chats all over the internet. Many websites have a chat option that you can join. A popular chat option is Google Chat. You can chat with your friends and family easily from your email.