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How To Do a Toe Touch?



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uh, well, to do a toe touch u have to be completely stretched out of ur thighs and everything will hurt for a couple hours. next, you hold ur aarms straight above your head in a fist as close to ur head as u can get them. then, you stand on ur tippy toes and swing ur arms in fromt of ur fact crossin them until they meet once again in a high V, while doing so u jump as high as u can and throw ur feet out beside u; while pointing your toes and keeping ur back as straight as u possibly can. and then u bring them down. make sure u keep ur head straight so u don't knee urself in the face... b sure to bring ur arms straight down. stay tight. when ur feet are back on the ground and ur arms are beside u, u should be bending down so ur arms are straight and beside your knees. and ur head is looking down now. then, u throw ur head up with a huge smile.. HAVE FUN!

source: experienced cheerleader