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How To Do a Toe Touch?

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uh, well, to do a toe touch u have to be completely stretched out of ur thighs and everything will hurt for a couple hours. next, you hold ur aarms straight above your head in a fist as close to ur head as u can get them. then, you stand on ur tippy toes and swing ur arms in fromt of ur fact crossin them until they meet once again in a high V, while doing so u jump as high as u can and throw ur feet out beside u; while pointing your toes and keeping ur back as straight as u possibly can. and then u bring them down. make sure u keep ur head straight so u don't knee urself in the face... b sure to bring ur arms straight down. stay tight. when ur feet are back on the ground and ur arms are beside u, u should be bending down so ur arms are straight and beside your knees. and ur head is looking down now. then, u throw ur head up with a huge smile.. HAVE FUN!

source: experienced cheerleader

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How do you do a toe back?

A toe back is really a touch touch backhandspring. After you land your toe touchjump right into your backhandspring.

Who has the highest toe touch in the world?

Toe touches are a very hard thing to do. I have an over extended toe touch. A hyper extended toe touch is any where higher than that. A hyper extended toe touch is anywhere from almost liking yourself in the head to actually kicking yourself in the head.

How do you do an toe touch?

i think there best way to do a toe touch if to make sure u can touch your toes for a start then just jump and go for it :):)

What is the regalement height of a cheerleading toe touch?

the toe-touch should be at least up to your waist but if it isn't then you will need a little practice.

What was the first cheerleading jump?

toe touch

Is a toe touch required for cheerleading?

yes toe touches are the most common jumps in cheerleading

How do you improve your toe touch?

stretch as often as possible, do toe touch exercises such as get on the floor and place your feet in a pike format, then very quickly pop your legs up like a toe touch and do your arms in the same way you would in a toe touch, then very quicly place your legs tightly back on the floor. frog jumps practice your toe touch never let you chest fall in your toe touch! keep it back if your chest is beck then your toe touch will be higher be tight point your toes have someone video you and watch the way you do yours and see if you are doing anything wrong try your very hardest never give up don't try to actually touch your toes! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This end of the answer is from ''escheerleader4'' you may also try doing bunches of situps to strengthen your tummy and you probably will want to do BUNCHES OF FROG JUMPS!!!!!!!! i HOPE THIS HELPED!

What joints are used in a toe touch?

pivot joint

Is it possible to touch your head with your toe?

yes it is possible i can do it

What does the medical abbreviation TTWB mean?

TTWB stands for toe touch weight bearing. It means using crutches in such a way that the toe can touch the floor, but bears no weight.

How can you get your toe touch?

Get all your splits, have a wide straddle, and use ankle weights. Practice whipping your legs up like you would in a toe touch and remember to keep your chest up. If you do this for about 2 weeks, you should have excellent toe touches.(:

What is a passe in ballet?

a passe is when you touch your toe to the side of your knee.

Who invited the toe touch jump?

Does it matter? It's not a sport.

What is a hurdle for cheer-leading?

You prep like you are going to do a toe touch,then when you jump you pull one of your legs back to your hip so it would look like a N kind of when you flex your toe on the bent leg then with the other leg it goes out like a toe touch and which ever leg is out like a toe touch i what side hurdler it is.and you just land with your feet togeter

Do you have to touch the floor on a motocross bike?

It helps, you should at least be able to tip toe and touch the ground.

How many cheerleading jumps are there?

There are so many different jumps. For example: * tuck * spread eagle * pike * toe touch * double toe touch * herkie * hurdler And countless other ones.

What is the highest toe touch?

I dont think that there is a particular height but my friend did a toe touch that was higher then her head and about maybe 6 feet of ground idk ... It was pretty Heigh and she only in the 9th grade

What are good cheer exercises?

just practicing the splits and toe touches the counts are for the toe touch 5, 5678 1234 5678

What is a toe touch?

A physical exercise. you jump up and and have your legs sticking up to the sides and touch your toe a toe touch is a move in cheerleading when you jump in the air and you spread your legs A toe touch is a type of jump frequently used in cheerleading. To properly do a toe touch, you must jump, throw your legs up and to the side, and reach for your toes with your hands. DO NOT LEAN FORWARD! Leaning forward is not a toe touch. You back must be straight. The toe touch, is the most popular move in cheerleading. As many people join cheerleading, that is the first thing they learn. You have to be kind of flexible to do because if you jump up in the air and spread your legs to far you might pull a muscle. So fnow I'm going to tell you how you do a toe touch step bye step. 1. you jump up in the air 2. in the process of you in the air you spread your legs & touch your toes 3. the right hand touches the right foot, & the left hand touches the left foot you actually don't touch your toes; just so you know. you just reach for them. and, if you want to know the truth .. it's not called "spreading your legs", it's called straddling. spreading your legs sounds so disgusting. a toe touch is when someone jumps in the air and does a straddle. ( This is pretty much just doing the spilts in th air) Hope that helps!!!

How many muscles do you use for a toe touch?

In order to do a toe touch, the body uses at least four muscles or muscle groups. The calf muscles, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and erector spinae muscles are used.

What year was the toe touch invent?

You cant invent a toe touch. Its like inventing how to walk. Read a book. Cheerleading was inspired by gymnastics. So gee... it looks a lot like a straddle jump doesn't it??

What is toe jump?

I think you are talking about a toe touch possibly? It is a jump where you jump and bring your toes up and out while rotating your hips. ~EA

Can you get a pimple on your toe?

yes, but it might not be on your toe it could actually be under the whole piece of skin next to your toe nail. Usually on the big toe. You can tell when that part of your toe looks shiny and hurts at the touch. Best way to deal with it is to pop it. It will hurt really bad.

Do you use lots of muscles during a toe touch?

Yes, people do use lots of muscles during a toe touch. It involves bending over, and each of the muscles in your arms, back, and legs are all used in the stretch.

How would you no if you have a broken toe?

Swelling Discolouration Bruising Painful to touch and or walk on Bleeding (maybe) Deformed/out of position kind of thing i think I may have broken my toe...

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