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How To Fix Action Replay?

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when action replay is not working and the screen turns white that means u have too many codes u only can do 1 code at a time so delete the rest and use won first i found out trust me it wasn't easy at firsti was mad that's how u fix action replay when screen turns white

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Why does your action replay have red and blue lines on the bottom screen when you enter the game id and how do you fix it?

you can't fix it. you need to buy another action replay or call the company of the action replay and let them fix it.

How do you fix action replay that has a black screen when it goes to the action replay section and it doesn't show anything else?

go to uruapan there they fix it

How do you fix broken action replay ds if does not recognize the action replay?

There is no way to fix it unless you send it back for repairs or get a new one.

How do you fix a broken action replay?

I dont think you can because there is no place to open up action replay

How do you update the psp action replay?

You just have to go to their website and see if they have a fix. Action replay does not work on 6.31

Action replay how to fix it?

you go to codejunkie .com

Can gamestop fix an action replay dsi?


How do you fix your action replay if it has a black and white?

If the action replay terns blackl and white the only way to fix it is to tern the system off and back on and that should do the trick.

How do you fix action replay dsi?

Install the Action Replay DSi Disk onto your computer or laptop. Go to the Action Replay DSi Code Manager and right click on the Action Replay DSi logo in the top right corner. Click reset Action Replay and wait for it to finish. Your Action Replay DSi should be fixed.

How do you fix an action replay when you do not have any game on the game list?

its best to do the codelist reset ( see your action replay user manual)

Can you fix the game if action replay freezes it?

No.You have to reset it.

How do you fix action replay that has a black screen?

You Can't... Sorry.

How do you fix action replays without all that crap?

Stop using Action Replay......

When i use my action replay ds and put Pokemon soulsilver in it goes back to the ds menu how do you fix this?

you need the action replay for dsi

How do you fix an action replay DS when I turn the DS on it says There is no DS Card inserted. PlASE HELP ME?

well try blowing to the golden thing in the action replay or maybe your action replay is broken

How can I fix a broken Nintendo DS action replay?

It depends. How is it broken?

How do you fix a Nintendo ds with action replay problems?

turn it off.

How do you fix a game messed up by action replay?

You can restart the game

How do you fix a malfunctioning action replay?

first you hook your U.S.B cable to the action replay. Then you install the disc on your computer and update your cheats. This will either fix or completely destroy your action re[lay. P.S. Use aat your own risk

How do you fix my broken action replay ds?

you can not fix it it is brocken forever so bye a new one

How do you fix a fried Dsi action replay?

plug it in to your computer and up grade it

Does DSI action replay freeze Pokemon black?

It does for me. Do you have any Ideas on how to fix it?

How do you fix my action replay from freezing when i press start?

one word......You can't

How can you fix Pokemon diamond from an action replay code?

Start new game

How do you fix a Action Replay code Manager softwareruntime error?

the action replay code manager will not list the contents whenever it loads it stays for 6 seconds and dissapears