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You don't need to use 360 wave grease. All you need is a moisturizer and a grease like olive grease. An Ace brush or Dianne a Durag or Wave cap.

You need to brush in 360 angle which is all around, the curls will show after a couple weeks.

It depends on if you have good hair that is naturally curly or straight hair. If you have natural curly it might come as soon you take the Durag off, or when you just brush it. If you have straight hair or peesy is the same, it will take two weeks or even more just to get them.

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If you have sportin waves can you still get 360 waves?

You can still get the 360 waves.

How do you get waves fast?

you can get 360 waves by brushin. i thought 360 waves were nothin at first but then i saw all this people that had it so i said why not. my waves is comin out a little but its not 360

How do you get 360 waves with straight hair?

The only way you can get 360 waves is if you have sort of curly hair, but if its just straight with no type of curl to it there will be no chance of you acquiring waves.

Does 360 style wave control pomade get you 360 waves?


Can you get 360 waves if you have dandruff?


Does wave builder get you 360 waves?

Of cource it does

How do you get 360 waves with thick hair?

curl it

How long does it take to get 360 waves?

Waves generally take 1 months depending on how straight your hair is.

How long to brush your hair to get 360 waves?

About 3 weeks

How do you get 360 deep waves in your head?

Anybody with any hair texture can get 360 waves. You have to get the right methods and tools to help you with this wave journey. Click on the link to help you out

Can I get 360 waves with Carrot cream and motions moisturizer what should I do with them?


What is the best haircut for 360 waves?

All it is, is an even all around

Can you use any type of pink lotion to get 360 waves?


What haircut should you get for your 360 waves?

You should get a dark ceasar with a #2 guard

How do you get 360 waves perfectly?

Visit. I would explain but he is a professional and can do it better.

How do you get the hairstyle called 360 waves? Holla at my boi Ant Green. Peace,

Is it possible to not be black but still get 360 waves? He helped me and I'm white.

How do you get 360 waves with just a brush?

Brush front back side to side daily

What is the phase difference of two waves in phase?

360 degrees or 2(pi) radians

How can you get 360 waves?

You can get 360 waves by training your hair to grow in certain directions. You will begin by getting the hair cut short. Then, each time you wash your hair, you will brush it forward from the crown, and forward from the sides. You will need to cover your hair each night to protect it from the pillow.

How do you get 360 waves on right side and back?

Brush more on the right and the back side 80for each

How do you make your 360 waves thicker?

take some dog snot and mix it with saliva. Rub it in hair and brush

How do you get 360 waves but you still need to go to school?

at night you put SeaSick pomade in your hair and keep brushing it in 360 pattern then you put wave cap on wake up and brush hair.

What is the best wave grease?

The best kind of wave grease is 360 style i got a whole rack of waves by using it so just put shampoo on your brush when your in the shower so your waves can come.

What does cell mean in cell phone?

Well, a cell phone tower shoots out waves to your cell phone. The waves happen to shoot out 360 degrees of the tower. The waves happens to be called a cell. Whenever you are out of the cell you get poor reception and vice versa for being inside of the cell.

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