How a Christian funeral service might comfort someone whose close friend has died?


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it beings the christian closer to god.

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A funeral service is a service held after someone has died in honor of them.

i will go to funeral someone funeral but i have to go to school to take in my education seriously

Someone can purchase funeral insurance at some places online, however they can also purchase it at any local funeral home or at a burial service place.

Typically the same as the rest of the sentimental population: mourn and perform funeral rites.

To plan a proper funeral service for someone, one must first notify others that a loved one has deceased. One must then call a funeral home and make proper arrangements for a funeral service, and notify loved ones and friends of the deceased of the tragedy. The entire process is similar to that of a wedding though the two temperaments are remarkably contrasted.

Be A blessing to others in the same way.

Contact the funeral home to ask this question. I would think you might have to hire security or not have an open service.

Quiet. Pay attention when someone is speaking . Bow your head when people are praying. Let the person officiating or the funeral directoe guide you, especially in a strange place.

Often, when someone dies, a Christian person will hold a funeral or a wake or both. This includes a sort of party that is thrown to remember the person who has passed away.

You may refer to them as one of the 'operatives' or simply the Hearse Driver. An operative is typically one of the staff of the funeral service, who assist with pall bearing, the setting of the coffin, driving of the hearse, or anything else in relation to the actual service.

The verb of comfortable is comfort. As in "to comfort something or someone".

A moirologist is someone who gets paid to go to a funeral.

Yes, of course someone can be asked not to attend a funeral. Just as someone can be requested not to attend any other event, such as a wedding, etc.

You can comfort someone who is dying by sitting with them, giving them a pat on the back, and a hug of course. Sometimes you just have to be with them for a while

A substitute if someone not at the funeral

Comfort means someone being in a state of peace which is either physically or mentally or both. The meaning of comfort can mean comfort food as well also.

Take the following steps to plan a funeral:Put together your loved one's personal information:Compile your loved one's personal information so that you have it on-hand as you speak with a funeral director, plan the service, take care of paperwork, prepare a eulogy, and write an obituary.Select a funeral home for the funeral service: In order find the funeral home that will best meet your needs, look for recommendations from your friends and family members. Additionally, consider comparing your local funeral homes for free on - there you can compare funeral home prices, ratings, and reviews. Keep in mind, when calling funeral homes regarding their prices, funeral homes are required to provide you with an itemized price list of their services over the phone as well as in-person - just ask for their "general price list".Specify the final disposition of the deceased and the type of funeral service you would like: Decide whether your loved one will be buried, entombed, or cremated. Over the past few years, as the average cost of a funeral service has increased, many have opted for a cremation or direct funeral service, as those are typically less expensive than traditional burial services. When deciding on the type of funeral service, think about whether or not you would like a public viewing of the deceased with an open or closed casket, a memorial service during which time a eulogy may be given, or a celebration of life service to "celebrate" your loved one's life. Other service options include a graveside service or a service outside of the funeral home.Consider your budget: As you think about the funeral service, you may want to consider cost. According to a 2012 survey of more than 1,000 funeral homes across the nation by eFuneral, the average cost of a burial exceeds $8,500 and the average cost of a cremation exceeds $3,700. But those figures do not include the costs associated with the purchase of a cemetery plot, a monument or headstone, or cremations. Additionally, this information does not include the costs associated with cash advance items - goods and services funeral homes buy from third-party vendors on behalf of funeral planners - that you may want for the funeral service. Cash advance items that you may select include death certificates, clergy and celebrant honorarium and/or gratuities, floral arrangements, obituaries, and musicians, among others.Select the individuals who will be part of the funeral service: If you are planning a religious ceremony, decide who will preside over the funeral service. Next, decide which other individuals may be part of the funeral service as pallbearers, readers, performers, etc. And make sure to choose someone to deliver the eulogy.Decide what products or services you will need for the funeral service: You will need to make decisions around products and services ranging from caskets and urns to outer burial containers (which some cemeteries require) and floral arrangements. Keep in mind that you can make these purchases either directly from the funeral home or from third-parties. Ask to see all your options, as these products can range widely on their prices. For instance, an average casket costs slightly more than $2,000, but some mahogany, bronze, or copper caskets sell for as much as $10,000.

Because if someone is not alive anymore and you must show your respect. That's why it is very important to respect the funeral and the funeral services.

You can pay as far ahead as you like; who knows when the day will come. Advance planning usually involves a trust fund that the funeral home has set up, or with an insurance agency who deals specifically with advance planning for funerals. You can pay for your own funeral service at any age of your life. Most funeral services offer payment options to make it easy to afford.

Because it is the safest Job out there. People will always die. And people will always spend money for their loved ones.

yes there is a prophecy about someone named Christian Connolly

The someone in this dream represents yourself. But the funeral does not necessarily refer to actual death, but to a significant change that indirectly will influence your life.

When someone is in a Christian fellowship it means they belong to a large network of Christian churches and/or a church that belongs to such a network.

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