How a person change from oil to electric heat?

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A quick calculation is 10 watts per square foot for baseboard heating. Any of your appliances that use oil have to have electric replacements. Total the wattage of these replacement appliances and add it to the electric heating.

Use this equation to change the wattage value to the amperage value. A = W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts.

This will be the new load that is to be applied to your home distribution panel. If the additional amperage load added to the original amperage load on the panel results in the panel remaining under 20% of the total amperage of the main breaker, then it is do-able.

On a 200 amp panel that would be 160 amps of usable load. A 150 amp panel would be 120 amps of usable load and on a 100 amp panel that would be 80 amps of usable load.

If not then a service distribution upgrade will also have to be added into the total cost of the project.
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