How a person change from oil to electric heat?

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A quick calculation is 10 watts per square foot for baseboard heating. Any of your appliances that use oil have to have electric replacements. Total the wattage of these replacement appliances and add it to the electric heating.

Use this equation to change the wattage value to the amperage value. A = W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts.

This will be the new load that is to be applied to your home distribution panel. If the additional amperage load added to the original amperage load on the panel results in the panel remaining under 20% of the total amperage of the main breaker, then it is do-able.

On a 200 amp panel that would be 160 amps of usable load. A 150 amp panel would be 120 amps of usable load and on a 100 amp panel that would be 80 amps of usable load.

If not then a service distribution upgrade will also have to be added into the total cost of the project.
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Where is and how would a person change the oil filter on a 1991 Volkswagen vanagon?

\nLeft of center at the back of the engine.\nIt's the round can that doesn't line up with the other stuff down there - it sort of sticks out at an angle.\nIf you've already purchased a replacement, you should have an idea what it looks like, although the color might be different.\nYou may need a too ( Full Answer )

Which is the cheapest Oil or electric heating?

Answer . Generally speaking, electricity is the most expensive "automatic" heating energy source. This may be due to the fact that fossil fuels (oil, gas, wood, etc.) can be burned right where heat is needed and electricity is often produced by burning fossil fuels, producing electricity, then d ( Full Answer )

Can you heat a spa with an electric heat pump?

Is this heat pump approved by your local codes or that of NSPF for use in or around swimming pools? I think not. Not a good idea to mix water and electricity. . Yes you could, if you live in a very hot climate... heat pumps would only be able to heat water to spa temperature if the weather was ver ( Full Answer )

What is the explanation for the mechanism of electric heat?

Electric heat is sometimes looked at under the heading of resistance heating. Somewhere in the heater is a resistive material through which the electric current is passed. Recall that there is always a bit of resistance in wires and such, but not much. This resistive element is selected because it r ( Full Answer )

Which is better Electric heat or heat pump?

Heat pump - lots more efficient and dramatically cheaper to operate. Heat pump is definitely better as it not only saves electricity bills but is also easy to maintain and install.

How do you Convert propane heat to electric heat?

If it is a propane furnace, have a contractor install a strip heat section in the supply ductwork and wire it to your breaker box. About $100-$150 plus install and electrical.. lc

Can porcelain be heated on electric stove?

Using porcelain pans on an electric stove is considered generallysafe. Follow the manufacture's care suggestions and keep an eye onthem Don't let them boil dry. Excessive heat can cause porcelain tomelt.

How does heat affect electricity?

There are many ways that heat can effect the flow of electricity.Heat increases the speed of electricity for example.

What is the conversion for electric current to heat?

DC Amperes times Volts=Watts. Watts is heat. AC current is a little trickier because of the sine wave and several other problems, but what you want to measure is RMS volts and amps at 100% power factor.

How has electricity changed?

From the time of Thomas edison and his discovery of the light bulb? At where we first found out the world was round? Or at the Faraday cage or skin effect? Electricity began as a study of animal fur rubbed on amber. By the 18th century, electromagnetism was being used, and Benjamin Franklin f ( Full Answer )

What is Heating effect of electric current?

When electric charges move through a wire, they lose some of the energy to the atoms in the wire. On receiving the energy, The atoms vibrate more and more causing the wire to heat up. Some of the Electric Energy is changed to heat energy. The higher the resistance the more the heat energy. The amoun ( Full Answer )

What is the difference per therm between electricity and heating oil?

The best answer I have found is that one kw of electricity = .024 gallons of USA No. 2 Heating Oil, or one gallon of the oil = 40.6 kw. It is also important to understand the efficiency of the device which converts the fuel energy to the desired product, such as heat or motion. My source for the abo ( Full Answer )

How does electricity tranform to heat in an electricity stove?

Electricity is converted to heat through the resitive coils or burners. As electricity flows through the resistance in the coils it increases the current of the electicity being used to force the electrons harder through the coil and this is what actually creates the heat, as the current increases i ( Full Answer )

Do electric cars need oil changes?

Only hybrids need oil changes. Electric cars don't need any oil changes because they don't use oil. The internal combustion engine is replaced by a electronic motor.

Can an accidental electric shock change your personality?

no an accidental electric shock cannot change one's personality because it just causes organ failure for some time,because of the difference in the type of is the electric current and the other one is the signals the body carries,however if very strong it may cause organ disorder

Can you covert to gas heat from electric heat?

I'm not sure what you're asking. If you're asking if you can put a gas heater where an electric heater is, the answer is yes, assuming gas and vent availability.

What changes electrical energy into heat?

when electrons flow through a conductor then the material of the conductor offers resistance to excite the electrons in the conductor to release heat energy.

Is electricity better than coal or oil for heating?

No it is not. To explain: Coal produces 6,150 kWh of heat per ton, and that heat only converts 40% of that into electricity - so pound per pound burning coal as a direct heat source produces less pollution and uses less coal than converting the coal into electricity and then back to heat (IE: a 40 ( Full Answer )

Where can you get heating oil?

Visit the websites for fuel oil distributors in your area. These companies offer residential heating oil that is delivered directly to your home's tank and will even offer an emergency oil delivery if your tank is completely empty. You should also be able to receive a quote for the current price of ( Full Answer )

How electricity convert into heat from an electric geyser?

An electric geyser is an electric water heater, basically a wire that goes hot when a current is passed through it. When this wire is submerged in water, it'll heat the water. Electrically, pretty much the same setup as if you'd have a huge light bulb, but filled with water instead of a protective g ( Full Answer )

How is electricity transformed into heat?

Heat is the transfer of energy from a warmer body to a cooler body. When an electric current flows, it does work on the conductor, raising the conductor's internal energy (i.e. causing its atoms to vibrate). An increase in internal energy is always accompanied by an increase in temperature, caus ( Full Answer )

What object conducts heat or electricity?

The blunt answer is that ALL materials can potentially conduct heat and electricity (metals, air, water, human bodies, cloth, wood, even rubber, etc), but require the right conditions. A GOOD conductor is one that can transmit heat or electricity or both VERY EASILY under standard temperature/pres ( Full Answer )

What is the heat of electricity?

Amount of electrical energy converted to heat energy when current flows through a conducting material. According to Joule's Law, quantity of heat energy dissipated is given by, Q=i 2 Rt note . in power transmission, aluminum wires* are used to reduce the heat energy loss . using a step u ( Full Answer )

Is electrical energy changed to heat energy and light energy?

Yes, electrical energy can be changed into thermal (heat) energy. Light is electromagnetic energy, and electricity can be changed into light energy. We know that a resistance heater changes electrical energy into thermal energy. An electric range does this, as does an electric space heater. We see ( Full Answer )

Why is there an electric heating coil in a heat pump?

Heat pumps don't work well when the temperature outside drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The way a heat pump works is by absorbing heat from outside and moving inside using the refrigerant. Much like an air conditioner absorbs the heat from inside of your home and moves it out. Therefore the colde ( Full Answer )

Is heating olive oil a chemical change?

The heating itself is a pure physical change (of temperature), but excessive heating to higher temperatures may cause some chemical degradation. Hot olive oil is still olive oil, but degraded oil is not the same, just check the color (darkened) and taste it after cooling down (cardboard).

Can a power change electric energy into heat energy?

Electrical energy is changed into heat energy ... intentionally ... every time you use a blow drier, toaster, electric oven, baseboard heater, electric clothes iron, curling iron, electric hot water heater, soldering iron, or coffee machine. Electrical energy is changed into some amount of he ( Full Answer )

How is domestic heating oil converted to electricity?

Heating oil is typically not converted to electricity. It is burned in the furnace to create heat. Heating oil is less commonly used as an industrial fuel or for power generation. Oil fueled Turbines can be used to convert the heat energy of combustion into mechanical energy, which then operate an ( Full Answer )

What is the heating effect of electric current to oil?

Electric boilers require approximately 3 1/2 kilowatts per boiler horsepower. Fuel oil typically produces approximately 3.5 boiler horsepower per gallon of oil burned*. *This depends on several factors in boiler design, furnace design and fuel heat content.

How do you change oil to electricity?

oil goes through the generator and that turns it into electricity. the they go through the wires and get to the houses

Why do heating oil prices change so frequently?

Oil prices change frequently for a number of different reasons.Crude oil is a big part of this, and will affect the price of oil. Demand can be different depending on the weather and economy. Seasons can also affect the demand for oil.

Where can a person go for a cheap oil change?

Cheap oil changes can be easily found at branches of Kwik Fit and local mechanics. It is advisable to listen to your engines as many do not need oil changes every 3000 miles as many garages would have one believe.

How does heat transfer from an electric stove to a person near it?

Heat travels through moisture and when you are cooking, you'recreating a lot of hot moisture because water is evaporating from aliquid to a gas at high temperatures. Gasses expand as far as theycan in our atmosphere and if you're standing close to the oven, itwill practically be touching you. You ar ( Full Answer )