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That he wants to be friends or just wants to talk.

A smile is a invitation (:


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What do you do if a girl doesnt like you?

i would say flirt and see how she reacts to it if she doesnt seem to like it then she probley doesnt like you but if she likes it then she probley likes you

Would a 15 year old guy who's sort of immature tell his 16 year old friend that's a girl who he knows likes him tell her that he has a girlfriend just to confuse her or make her jealous he likes her.?

He is either letting her know that he doesnt feel the same as she does, not in a practical way or he really doesnt consider her liking him a big deal. She needs to just let him know frankly that she likes him and see what happens. She shouldnt be surprised at this point if he is not interested, if he already knows she likes him, I gather he would have done something about it.

How does a man show he likes you if he doesnt talk to you?

It is not necessary that he likes you. If the person is angry, then also he would not talk to you.

He knows you like him how can you tell if he likes you?

There is no easy way to know if a guy likes you. The easy thing to do would be to just ask him. If he knows how you feel about him, if he likes you too then he won't be too nervous to tell you his feelings!!

How do you know if a guy likes you or if he doesn't care a bit about you?

If a guy likes you he will flirt with you but if he doesnt like you then he would act like he hates you.

If a guy says that he knows that you came when he smell your perfume is he really likes me or is normal?

He really likes you! That's sweet and if he likes you alot, then he would compliment you!

How can you tell a guys mate knows his mate likes me?

usually she would flirt,say she likes/loves him,or will follow you everywhere

What does it mean when a guy blushes if you ask him if he likes you?

most people would blush at that kind of question. if he smiled a little afer you asked him than it could definatly mean that he likes you. maybe you could ask him out and see what he says.

What if you like a guy but your friend likes him?

If he doesnt know you like him then tell him but if he knows u guys like him then tell him u just want him to be happy and that u wont be hurt if he doesnt like u back (even tho u probably would) it works sometimes.... ive had experience

Why would a guy avoid you when you know he likes you?

He knows you like him and is enjoying you giving him attention.

I'm are new at my school and I think this girl likes me and I like her what do I do?

well if i were you i would have a friend or someone who knows her talk to her...i mean there person doesnt have to go out strait and be like do you like (you) but they can drop like suttle hints like so what do you think about (you) or something...thats what i would do.

If a man knows a woman has feelings for him would this make him nervous because he likes her or doesn't like her?

If a man knows that a woman has feelings for him, several things are possible. Personally, when I know a girl has feelings for me, depending on if I like her I'm nervous and excited. Those are two feelings that come naturally when a man likes a woman and knows that she has feelings for him. If a man knows a woman likes him and he doesnt have the feelings towards her likewise, then another couple of things could happen. Either he is repulsed by whoever likes him because of personal reasons...either with the persons personality or physical appearance, or he is upset at letting you down because he views you as something of a sisterly daughterly type. I have encountered all of these experiances.

What does it mean when a girl doesnt tell you who she likes?

She either just doesn't want to tell you who she likes, (I'm a girl and I would never tell a guy who I like!) or she likes you! Hope I helped ;) x

I like this guy that has been my best friend forever. He likes me but as a friend. He knows I like him but he likes my best friend. What do I say to him How do I react I feel jealous of my friend.?

well i think you should not like that guy anymore and move on he likes your friend and tell your friend that if she likes him its ok........ it might hurt but if he was the one he would like you to.... plus he doesnt deserve you!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah still be friends with him.

If a guy knows his mate likes you would he look at you a lot but then if you start to look to look at him he stops does it mean he knows?

If a guy looks at you a lot, he probably likes you too. If he stops when you look at him, maybe he is shy, but maybe he doesn't want to flirt with the girl his friend likes.

If you like a boy and he knows that you like him if he likes you back would he act different?

I'm a guy, In my perspective if he knows you like him, and he likes you, your conversations will be more awkward (Happens to me) or, You guys will totally hit it off and be like BFFs

How would a girl let you know if she likes you or not?

question doesnt make sense - yes it does??? and.. just the way she acts

Why would a senior boy date a freshman girl?

maybe its because its really likes you and he doesnt want to wait

What do you do when a boy likes you but his also thinking about sleeping with you?

in my opinion if they guy likes you he would wait til the girl is ready and if he cant accept that then he obviously doesnt lovee you as much as you though.

Why would a guy be paranoid about getting caught cheating but now is starting to be daring is it because he knows that's what the girl likes?

The boy knows what the girl likes. If he notices that you are reacting to his behavior he will keep doing it. He needs to know what is right and what is wrong.

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