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The Siamese fighting fish, or Betta, is a fairly calm fish. It usually only gets aggressive around other fish that are in its territory. These fish like to hide and wait for food to pass by them rather than seeking out food. The personality of the fish also makes a difference. Just like people, some fish will be more active than others. Your fish is probably normal.

The above answer states that they are quite a calm species, but, I always thought that bettas were energetic and lively. A few days before my betta died it was hanging around it's plant and staying still. This might be a sign of foggy eyes which is a betta disease if it has a broken fin or any other ailment then this shows it is pretty bad and, you should ask your local fish store owner for some appropriate medicine. If it has foggy eyes then it cannot see as well as before, or even at all! It would be a good idea to keep food (When it is supposed to be given) close to the fish and all together. I really hope your fish doesn't end up like mine and lives longer than 3 years and 4 months!!! Take good care of it and cross your fingers

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Q: How active should a Siamese fighting fish be and is yours okay if he seems to just hang out at the plant motionless most of the time?
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Should a 8 week old Siamese kitten be active?

All healthy kittens have tons of energy, and are constantly running and jumping around the house. So, yes, an 8 week-old Siamese kitten should be active. Any kitten of any breed should be active.

What do Siamese fighting fish eat?

Siamese fighting fish eat wrigglers also known as mosquito larvae. You can find them by looking in a puddle that has been there for a while or you can even look in a pond or a dam. If you are going to be keeping a Siamese fighting fish as a pet i suggest that you go to the nearest pet shop and they should sell fighting fish pellets or flakes.

How big should aquarium be for Siamese fighting fish?

It could be a bowl but i would say an tank

What should you do if your Siamese fighting fish has laid eggs?

Take them out of the tank and separate them. They'll most likely eat the babies.

Should Siamese cat be capitalized?

It should look like this: Siamese Cat. It does need to be capitalized.

Can Siamese fighting fish get along with goldfish?

yes, as long as there's enough room to allow for the goldfish's growth and the temp is high enough for the betta, you should have no problems

Can you leave the Siamese fighting fish male and female together if she is pregnant?

The only time a male and female betta or fighting fish should be together is when they breed. Otherwise it's better to separate them before one or the other dies.

How much should an 8 week old Siamese kitten weigh?

If the kitten is a healthy purebred Siamese, it should weigh a little under 2 pounds. Purebred Siamese cats are naturally thin cats.

What is a fully aquatic none carnivores frog that can go with livebearing, neon tetras, siamese fighting fish?

There is no such thing. Frogs should NEVER be kept with fish. They poison the water.

Where can you find a Siamese Fighting Fish?

Siamese Fighting Fish are available at most pet stores. Petco, Petsmart, even Walmart. But I would suggest looking at a local pet store or fish shop, one that is like a small business just not a franchise. Small local pet stores tend to take better care of their fish. You should find them in the fish section, in little plastic cups. I would recommend keeping them in half gallon or more containers, preferably with a lid but with plenty of ventilation because Siamese Fighting Fish breathe at the surface.

Can you put 2 male Siamese fighting fish together?

Absolutely not. They are called fighting fish for a reason and should never be kept with others of the same species. They will fight to the death and if evenly matched both males' injuries may prove fatal.

How often should I consider safely breeding my Siamese cats?

You should not consider breeding your Siamese cats on your own but hiring a safe breeder is always an option.

What temperature do Siamese Fighting Fish like?

Siamese fighting fish prefer water temperatures of 24-30 degrees Celsius, or 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit.80 degrees or so, they are tropical and live in rice patties through out Asia. They should have a heater in tank and not be kept in tiny glass bowl at least a 5gallon tank would be best with at least 3 femal bettas

Is your Siamese fighting fish pregaunt its turning pale?

Siamese fighters (Bettas) are egg layers so they can't be pregnant. They do tend to loose colour if they are not looked after properly. A Betta needs around a minimum of 3 gallons of water that is heated to around 78F. It should have a permanently running filter and approximately 50% of its water should be replaced every week.

How big do Siamese cats get?

A purebred Siamese cat should be about 23 inches tall for a male, or about 21 inches tall for a female.

What should be the average weight of a flame point Siamese?

A female Siamese cat should weight between eight and 12 pounds. Male Siamese cats weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. These weights are averages and your cat could weight more or less.I have a flame point Siamese named gonzo and he weighs 7 pounds

What happens to a Siamese fighting fish if you drop it?

You really shouldn't be holding your Siamese fighting fish in the first place, but if it jumps out of it's tank (always keep a lid on tanks, as they are known for this!), or you drop it, just pick it back up and put it in it's tank. It should be alright, so don't panic. If it jumps out of it's tank, and you're not around to notice, when you do, try picking it up - if you can't easily pick it up, sprinkle some water on it before, as to not damage the scales - and gently put it back in it's tank. Siamese fighting fish can breathe oxygen as well, so it would be okay for a few hours if left unnoticed if it jumped out.

How big should a 5 month old Siamese kitten be?

it can depend on the type of kitten you have It said a Siamese kitten didn't it?!

How often should a Siamese cat be groomed?

They should be groomed once two weeks.

Do Siamese cats have ridge back fur?

Rigid back fur on a Siamese cat could be a sign of dehydration. You should check with your vet to have it checked.

What is wrong with your Siamese fighting fish if it is fat and not active?

The first thing I would look at is the temp of the water, this fish prefers warm water above 75 degrees at 80 degrees they should be very active, bettas also prefer a shallow tank or bowl not a deep container, this fish is not an active fish to begin with, if it is in with other fish it may simply be scared , they prefer to be alone, as far as being fat, cut down on your feeding.also rememberthis fish loves hiding at the top of the tank in the thick of live plants.

Should you only get one guppy?

Guppies are a gregarious tropical freshwater fish. The can safely co-exist in multiples. The male Siamese fighting fish however will kill any other makes it meets.

Can Siamese fighting fish live in brackish water?

No, they are freshwater fish. They can tolerate up to 2 grams of salt per litre of water (2 teaspoons/gallon) but this should only be used for medicinal purposes. They should not be exposed to this much salt long term.

I have 2 female bettas and when I put them in their tank they started fighting I put a divider in between them should I leave it in?

Answer (Improved!!!)betas fight, male and female alike. keep them separated or 1 or both will die. reason they are called Siamese Fighting Fish.

Can you put a Siamese fighting fish in a sink?

I guess you could put a Betta (Siamese fighing fish) in a sink but you would have to make very sure that there are no detergents etc in there to poison it. They are tropical in the requirements and should be kept at around 78F. 1 Betta needs at least 3 gallons of water (despite what the uninformed/inexperienced say). It should have a permanently running cycled filter and needs to have at least 50% of its water replaced every week.